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Scottish Radio Holdings have snapped up another Irish radio station. This time it’s Highland Radio, which will now join the ranks of Today FM and FM 104. All for the tidy price of €7 million. It’s hardly a surprise, I thought it would have been snapped up long ago because it’s consistenly had one of […]

Will everyone please turn to blogging so we can get the inevitable bubble burst over and done with!? A number of corporations have started to blog and it’s pretty safe to say that a herd mentality will soon develop, with their competitors asking themselves ‘Why aren’t we blogging?’ Needless to say the number of corporate […]

I was forwarded an email from Julia Galvin who is currently looking for sponsorship. Julia who?…None other than the Ladies World Champion Bog Snorkeler (now that’s a mouthful!) It turns out that Julia is another of these novel extreme sports nuts – this year she is expanding her repertoire and competing in the World Wife […]

Cast a web on silver surfers

Here’s another tidbit I missed out on yesterday because I was moving house. The BBC reports that more than half of the over-55’s online say that the Net gives them a new lease of life. It’s a fantastic way of engaging with the elderly, especially when you consider the comments of David Sinclair, social inclusion […]

One of the main things I have learnt so far in my short PR career is that nobody ever gets back to you. So if you want anything, be prepared to hassle people for it. It sounds harsh, but it’s very practical advice. It doesn’t matter how small the task may be, but people often […]

I didn’t get to see the infamous Captain Morgan blog, but all the criticism about it got me thinking – what would be the difference between a Mickey Mouse and a Britney Spears blog? Oh sure, Britney is a living, breathing, little girl, but you’ll probably get a more honest answer out of Mickey Mouse. […]

While contacts reports may be a right pain in the butt, anyone who doesn’t do one up after a meeting is an idiot. Unfortunately if you are presenting as part of a meeting, it can be quite difficult to record any interaction during that period. I’m never far from my iPod and now here’s another […]

The BBC have set up a podcast trial, I wonder when RTE will join the club and offer a similar service? Despite the disputes at the BBC, the organisation consistently shows itself to be forward thinking when it comes to new mediums of communication with their audience. Personally I can’t wait for the day when […]

Every now and again an idea pops into my head. While I may never do anything with it, I may as well blurt it out here in the hope that someone else makes use of it. Myself and Ed were out for a meal the other day; I fancied an Indian and there happened to […]

The PR profession in Ireland is in need of reform at entry level with entrants in the profession being exploited, underpaid and pretty much discouraged from pursuing a career in the profession. When I sat my PRII exams at the start of May, I was shocked to see how many people were taking them, especially […]

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