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Practical Advice

Blake Barbera offers some good practical advice over at Wet Feet PR. The long and short of it is to always check your email recipients before hitting send. Modern technology makes life a lot easier, but it also makes it more likely for you to make a mistake. Did you know that there’s been a […]

I’ve pointed out the fact before that numerous organisations are using iPods as a dangling carrot. Some people have highlighted that offering such a popular product doesn’t necessarily rub off on your brand though. For example, I was in my local convenience store today and I noticed another competition to win iPods. While I remember […]

MIT blog survey

MIT are conducting a blog survey. I’m after completing it so I thought I would help spread the word about it. You have to be a blogger to take part and it’ll take about 15 minutes to complete.

I don’t know when it started, but the Sunday Tribune has a column called blogosphere in the main section of the newspaper. The column, aptly written by Joe Bloggs (<sarcasm> must be a barrel of laughs to work there </sarcasm>), takes a look topics doing the rounds on blogs. Flickr and some topical Irish posts […]

Before I forget…

Congratulations to my brother, Feidhlim, whose interview with Sonia O’Sullivan for Irish Runner magazine was quoted by a couple of publications over the last fortnight, including the Sunday Times.

I was talking to a former classmate who has recently gotten a new job. Being curious I naturally checked out their website, where I was met with a single page containing their contact details. Slightly perturbed, I got back onto her and enquired whether they have a new site in development. I was slightly taken […]

I always thought that the day of sending a press release by fax were long gone, but apparently they’re not. A couple of colleagues of mine were talking to a producer in one of Ireland’s news organisations when they were told that they’d have a higher chance of having their release read if they sent […]

I don’t know how many times I have to say it, but blogging isn’t going to replace public relations. Steve Rubel didn’t go as far as Scoble with his prediction, instead he said that blogging will replace the humble press release. To paraphrase a wise man, ‘Homie don’t play that’ Steve! Suffice to say I […]

Ireland gets Scobleized

…or maybe Ireland gets Scoble locked and laughs at another drunk American? 😀 Tom Raftery has announced that Robert Scoble will be addressing the IT@Cork annual conference in November. He’s also trying to organise a bloggers dinner in Rochestown Park hotel afterwards if anyone is interested. I’m not a big fan of Scoble, but I’d […] report that a new phenomenon is taking off in Britain as starstruck fans begin to snap their favourite celebs and moblog it. The Paperazzi are bad enough as it is, but with this new wave of cameraphone waving bandits, I’d stick my neck out to say things will probably get worse. First off, you […]

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