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Just a quick reminder for anyone heading to U2 this weekend to bring their mobile phone. Bono announced today the Make Poverty History – Irish campaign today, and obviously your mobile is going to be involved. So while Bono steps up his quest for sainthood, make sure to bring your cellular friend along for what […]

The BBC reports that the Vatican is urging people to email them in a bid to speed up his beatification. Apparently Pope John Paul II was a fan of the Internet (it’s worth looking at the article for the photo of him with a laptop alone) and the church is planning to whip up support […] announced today that they are formalising their operating rules. As part of the announcement they mention that they are on the verge of updating their software which will enable them to expand Indymedia Ireland. The ultimate aim of which is to start local collectives with their own newswires. In my opinion more organisations and […]

Honey I shrunk the Guardian!

The Guardian has followed the trend and will shift to a smaller format in the Autumn in a bid to appeal to young readers and commuters. I think it’s a good move. For all the talk of adapting to new media, one of the first things newspapers should do is examine their physical product. Somebody […]

TG4 almost gets it right

Tiger Beer’s sponsorship of a Asian film series on TG4 began this week with Bruce Lee’s classic ‘Enter the Dragon’. I was quite excited when I first heard about the sponsorship, but that quickly dissipated when I read about the films that would be showcased. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of films […]

There’s a nice feature on Google in the business section of this weekend’s Sunday Times. As part of the article there is a segment on how Google is more than just a search engine, listing a variety of its offerings such as Gmail, Google News and Google Local. What irked me about the article though […]

What a way to build up hype!

Ever walk down the street and get a cramp? You were probably in need of an urgent power-up, but if there’s no Gatorade at hand then you might have to make down with the question block overhead…question what!? That’s what I was thinking when I read about this Super Mario fanatic (courtesy of Joystiq) who […]

Ever been on the phone to a client or journalist and suddenly have to call up a file? Rather than tediously open a couple of folders, Mac users are in the envious position of simply hitting the Spotlight icon and typing in the file name, only to retrieve it in a matter of seconds. There’s […]

Why, oh why, as an international reader, can I not subscribe to Wired magazine via their website? Sure enough they have a section on their site for international subscribers, but can you actually subscribe? No! Instead of getting a confirmation of my order, I get an error message. When I contacted their customer service, I […]

You’ve got to love Ireland’s Freedom of Information act because it leads to wonderful stories like today’s well reported figures of how much Bertie Ahern, Ireland’s Taoiseach (Prime Minister), spends on make-up. Hats off to the Irish Independent’s coverage which goes under the headline of ‘No sparing Bertie’s blusher as make-up budget hits €167,000’ It’s […]

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