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Near FM have started podcasting and are offering a best of the week’s programming podcast. The radio station is a local station for Dublin’s North East. It’s also interesting to note that a representative for Near FM announced this on, Ireland’s most popular Internet forum. It’s funny and sad in some ways because a […] have announced their best of the web – blogs that matter. Hardly groundbreaking, but nice to see that you’ve stumbled across some blogs that other people read too.

My Powerbook is finally back up and running again after around 24 hours stressing. It all started when my battery went dead so I picked up my adaptor and plugged it in, only for it to spark. I put the other end into the laptop but no disco and the stressing began. To cut a […]

Just thought I’d drop a quick line on my comments policy because a couple of them were stuck in limbo for a while. Comments which contain two urls or more are held back for moderation to try stop spammers. I haven’t checked them recently so apologies to those who might have thought I was ignoring […]

The BBC announced today that it is enforcing a sensitive news delay. The decision came about in the wake of the live coverage of the Beslan school siege. Apart from saving viewers from seeing shocking scenes, the move will also allow the news team to check their facts before committing to a specific line of […]

We have too much choice today

Consumers have too much choice today. Companies overcater for people and it ends up hurting their profits. For example, HB has a limited edition range of ice creams available for its Magnum brand – I think it’s the Seven Deadly Sins promotion running at the moment. This is a far cry from the days of […]

There’s been plenty of talk on the blogosphere about the impact of Social Media on the media and public relations, but something I haven’t heard discussed as much is its impact on media monitoring. With the advent of RSS it’s becoming much easier to track what’s being said about your client yourself, and at considerable […]

Pardon my ignorance…

But where’s the hash key on Macs?

Blake Barbera has a good entry on his blog about knowing how to use Outlook properly and I followed it up with this post (Please check out Blake’s post on hyperlinking pitches as well – another gem). An article in this month’s Consumer Choice magazine got me thinking that knowing how to use search engines […]

So here I am thinking that Ireland is so far behind the times when it comes to Social Media and now I discover the following blogging: Adrian Weckler Rick O’Shea Clare, Jonathon and Liam from Spin 103.8 Must do some more cyberstalking 😀

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