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Last week I posted about how RSS should be substituted for a different term in order to make it more accessible for the masses. I pointed out that I was starting to use the term Webfeeds, like a number of other people, and have been refering to RSS as Webfeeds/RSS for a while now. The idea behind Webfeeds was that people would subscribe to different forms of content due to the growing trend of categorised feeds, so you’d have news feeds, job feeds, etc.

Well I turns out I was on the right track because Dave Winer has come out to say that we should have Subscribe buttons instead of RSS or XML buttons. This is something that I completely agree with. Welcome to the era of ‘Browse. Search. Subscribe.’

Here’s one punter looking forward to replacing my RSS button with Subscribe.

4 Responses to “From RSS to Webfeeds to Subscribe – Guess I wasn’t that far off”  

  1. 1 Alan O'Rourke

    I have been thinking about this myself lately and last week found myself recommending to a client in their proposal for funding that they should change the term to “web feed” or “news feed” for the benefit of the non techy reader.

    Have done an image here if you want to grab it:

  2. 2 Alan O'Rourke
  3. 3 Tom Raftery


    we have been having a discussion on this over on my blog. Frank and Alan together came up with some great ideas which we have now implemented. Check it out and let me know what you think.

  4. 4 C:\arlo

    I totally agree: more, with the spreading of this thechnology, each user tends to have a favorite (often online) reader; using – as I do – “Subscribe Bloglines/My Yahoo!/My MSN” etc. buttons could be another step to make feed subscriptions easier.

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