The Internet is the death of everything secret – Lance Storm

Privacy concerns are going to be one major issue Google and other search engines are going to face over the next few years. With potential employers (and even potential spouses) googling new employees, what is up about you on the web is becoming very important.

One quick and easy example of this is if you want the mobile phone number of someone working in PR, then simple type their name into Google and nine times out of ten it’ll be on the web – oh the joys of having your details printed at the bottom of a press release! Obviously journalists will be the people to take advantage of this, God help you if you have a stalker

In fairness though if you work in Public Relations you may as well have your number written on the wall of a public toilet, it just seems to travel around the world. I have to answer every phone call with an unknown number politely because who knows who it could be – I did have the pleasure of talking to Miss Ireland during the week though :D

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  1. 1 Stephen

    Agree. If you don’t want the world to know about it, then don’t put it on the Internet. Since I’ve been issuing press releases online, the amount of spam I’ve received is a joke. I’ve since took a leaf out of your book and used the NO SPAM words in my email address. On the submission sites, they also ask you for your number, but I just make up a random.

    What I do think is even scarier though, is if you have a .com web address, you can’t opt out of Whois. Type my URL in Whois and you’ll find my home address and telephone number! If anyone does know (if you can) how to opt out, I’d love to know.

    Miss Ireland eh? Well done! If you’re speaking to her again, tell her to Google my name for my number! :)

  2. 2 Deaglan

    “With potential employers (and even potential spouses) googling new employees…”

    Has already happened to me. Labour laws are powerless to stop it too. Can/should you be refused employment becuase of something on the internet which you did in your own spare time? (This excludes your own anthrax mail order website for example!)

  3. 3 Piaras

    I read about some guy whose wife divorced him because of an online police report that she found about him. The sad thing was that the charges had been dropped, but he couldn’t get it out of Google and his marriage was ruined as a result.

    I know we’re living in the age of transparency, but Google takes the biscuit at times!

  4. 4 Cian Ginty

    Guardian Unlimited said they removed their online April fools story so quickly so it wouldn’t get gobbled by Google, or something along those lines.

  5. 5 Ed Byrne

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