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Good advice is always certain to be ignored, but that’s no reason not to give it – Agatha Christie

Just in case you missed it, Trevor Cook has made his ‘Monitoring the Blogosphere’ PowerPoint presentation available for download. I’m not normally one to post about specific content being made available, but he has a fantastic slide on the benefits of RSS.

Fast – much easier than checking on sites to see what’s new

Breadth – headlines from the web sources you care about are consilidated

Organization – sources can be displayed in the categories that suit you

Productivity – email newsletter subscriptions and unruly bookmarks can lead to clutter and overload

Relationships – easier for you and the website host to stay in touch

In the notes for that particular slide, Trevor points out that RSS is the most important push program since email, that it is causing people to rethink the web and how users interact with it and how we can now get content without visiting the site.

That’s going to be burnt into my memory because it’s the best explanation I’ve heard for Webfeeds/RSS. Like I keep saying, in two years time Webfeeds/RSS will be embedded in our society. Until then we’ve got to keep preaching about it and Cook’s slide will be my Hail Mary 😀

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