Customisable brands are the future

The absolute fundamental aim is to make money out of satisfying customers – John Egan

Google is one of the companies being linked with the vacant Manchester United sponsorship at the moment. Some people think that it makes sense, but I think it would be a tremendous waste of money. Google is actually one of the few brands that don’t need to pursue many high level sponsorships because the brand is omnipresent.

So why is Google all around us? The reason for that is Google has made its products customisable so they can fit into almost every aspect of our lives. Last week I commented about the fact that has incorporated Google Maps into their website, so now when you click on a property, a map will be present along with the full listing. Why pay someone to put your name on their shirt, when consumers put Google products on their site for free?

They constantly make products so no matter what site you are on Google are there. They’ve got their toolbar, Adwords and loads more in development.

The only benefit for Google to pursue a sponsorship like that of Manchester United would be to set them apart in terms of perception from the likes of Yahoo. Firstly it brings the company into the real world. Secondly, with a growing list of competitors, it builds a sense of credibility about them so that the average consumer will think of them as more than a tech company or a fly-by-night.

All the same I think that Google is a company that should concentrate on its products and service, rather than spending millions on sponsoring a soccer team that is going down the toilet.

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  1. 1 Breffni

    Hi Piaras, just on that Google & Man Utd theme, what do you make of Alex Ferguson’s comments about the press. Has he really burnt his bridges with the british media? Surely he has a PR person who should of warned him. With the whole Keane & MUTV incident aswell, shouldn’t David Gill be conducting seminars for all his players on the topic of PR. since obviously the ones they hired are crap! It’s only making Utd’s job of getting a good sponsorship deal harder and at the end of the day, any shortfall in income will inevitably come out of the fan’s coffers. Thank god i’m a Leeds fan. (Or should I?)

  2. 2 Piaras

    Hmmm that’s what Max Clifford says anyway. Ferguson hasn’t burnt his bridges at all, the press need him a lot more than he needs them. He’s always had a turbulent relationship and now they’re selling papers off the back of it. If they start winning again, watch how things change.

  3. 3 Breffni

    Yeah but aren’t they selling papers that are criticizing Man Utd and their manager which again is bad for an organisation trying to find a new sponsor. And I dunno if you heard the rumour but O2 apparently are looking at it since their contract with Arsenal is up soon. Surely that’d been seen as a swift PR move by O2 to get one over their network rivals??

  4. 4 Piaras

    As long as Ferguson doesn’t put his foot in it and come out with racist comments then it really doesn’t matter what he says about the press. The truth of the matter is that Manchester United’s results do the talking. The more matches they win, the more shirts they sell and the more appealing they are to sponsors.

    United will have no trouble finding a sponsor because of their fan base, companies like o2 won’t be able to waltz in and get a great deal because there is competition out there. What will knock down the price is their poor performance on the pitch.

  5. 5 Ed Byrne

    Web companies advertising off-line = bubble 2.0. Here we go again.

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