The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives – Robert Maynard Hutchins

I have written an Introduction to Blogs for Irish PR practitioners (PDF). The document is going to be made available to all PR students in Ireland thanks to Carmel Doyle, my lecturer when I was in college.

Although the document is dated December 2005, it was actually written back in October. Just by flicking through the content you can see how quickly things move on the Internet because I would have used the Sony DRM story as an example instead. I’ll updated it sometime next Summer with some more recent examples. In the meantime if anyone has any feedback, just leave a comment.

In other news Tom Murphy is going to be doing a class for the PRII entitled PR and the new Media. Unfortunately I can’t link to the class because the PRII website doesn’t allow direct links. It’s good to see that the Public Relations profession in Ireland is starting to catch up with its peers across the world.

Here are my acknowledgments to the people I referenced while writing this document. In no particular order:

Ed Byrne, Stephen Davies, Blake Barbera, Tom Murphy, Stuart Bruce, Padraig McKeon, Hugh MacLeod, Steve Rubel, Tom Raftery, Instant Punditry and Niall Cook.

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4 Responses to “Introduction to Blogs for Irish PR practitioners (PDF)”  

  1. 1 Tom Raftery


    Fame at last! Thanks for the link Piaras – and well done on the document – it reads well and the Schwartz quote really drives home the power of a good blog.


  2. 2 Ken McGuire

    Piaras… just wondering if that document is still available to read… the link is broken :)

  3. 3 that girl

    Piaras – same question as Ken – would love to read this document if it’s still available?

  4. 4 Piaras

    I’ll email it over and change the link

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