We the media…we the paparazzi!

Journalism is organized gossip – Edward Eggleston

Roy Keane signs for Celtic - Irish Times

This picture of Roy Keane signing for Celtic says a lot (image via the Irish Times). Just look at everyone around him. There’s one press photographer in the background, but he is outnumbered by a dozen fans all snapping shots with their camera phones.

The day of the citizen journalist is upon us. I think it’s better to think of this new breed as the citizen paparazzi because the average member of the public is going to have to learn rather quickly that anything they do can be reported on in a matter of seconds. Pandora’s box has been opened!

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3 Responses to “We the media…we the paparazzi!”  

  1. 1 Stephen Davies

    Meh! They’re just getting a picture while they can. He’ll be finished by the start of next season.

    Imagine all the cameraphones pointing at hatrick hero Owen now! ;)

  2. 2 Breffni

    What an advertisement for camera phones. Granted there already widespread and standard in most phones now, but if ever a doubt was cast over whether or not they belong on a phone, all questions have been answered! Can think of a a thousand captions mobile companies could use for that pic.

  1. 1 Mutually Inclusive PR

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