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Consultancy vs In-House PR

I could put up a long winded post about the merits of consultancy versus in-house PR, but after a recent experience at work I’ll stick with just one benefit of retaining a consultancy over employing an in-house PR practitioner. By working in a consultancy you will naturally have a wider range of contacts. For example, […]

Corporate branding seems to be becoming a big issue for PR consultancies in Ireland at the moment. I guess that it portrays a better brand image, as well as looking professional and having put in the effort. I’ve seen branded memory keys, CDs and DVDs designed for pitches and props created to add an extra […]

All in a day’s work

I had just sat down in my seat in the cinema last Friday week when my phone started to ring. The film hadn’t started yet and I popped out of my seat to take the call. I never thought I’d ever hear the day when I’d say, “Sorry. I have to go talk to a […]

A time to post and a time to think

There is an ongoing debate about the merits of traditional media and citizen journalism. There are journalists who say that citizen journalists are biaised and ignorant, and there are those who pen blogs and podcasts who say that they have better subject knowledge than journalists and are more passionate when reporting about events which effect […]

There has been a lot of talk recently about how the current generation are coping with growing up online. Their lives can be tracked via their personal website or online sharing sites like Flickr. Google has become your permanent school record for life and it’s there for all to see. TV is still the medium […]

Online crisis management

Organisations are beginning to appreciate the fact that the Internet plays a powerful role in crisis management situations. Apart from the fact that it is a medium for instant communication, social networking tools like blogs have emerged over the last few years which have ramped up the ability for a message to spread. There are […]

New Irish blogs to look out for

Here are some new irish blogs that are worth looking out for. They are a clear indication that more quality content sites are beginning to emerge from ireland. YourTechStuff (or is it TechWire?): Despite the mismatching title and website address, YourTechStuff is the latest blog from Sunday Business Post journalist, Adrian Weckler. The site is […]

Those unfamiliar with Public Relations might not realise that anytime they read the words ‘company spokesperson’ in a newspaper, what that really means is that the journalist was talking to someone like me, a PR practitioner. There have been a few stories lately about people who believed that they were misrepresented in the press and […]

I normally hate just linking to another website without adding my thoughts on the matter, but Niall Cook really hit the nail on the head recently. His post entitled ‘Groundhog day‘ offers an interesting perspective on how the hype around blogs, podcasts, etc mirrors the hype about the Internet ten years ago. Will the PR […]

Blink and you’ll miss it

The Present is a point just passed – David Russell Numerous people are talking about the Canadan research which claims to show that Internet users make their mind up in the blink of an eye whether they like a website or not. It’s true to some degrees I suppose. If I don’t see an RSS […]

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