New Irish blogs to look out for

Here are some new irish blogs that are worth looking out for. They are a clear indication that more quality content sites are beginning to emerge from ireland.

YourTechStuff (or is it TechWire?): Despite the mismatching title and website address, YourTechStuff is the latest blog from Sunday Business Post journalist, Adrian Weckler. The site is effectivley an irish version of Gizmodo reporting on gadgets, broadband, general consumer tech trends and bargains. For some reason Adrian doesn’t seem to have gotten around to submitting his site to any aggregate feeds, hence the lack of comments.

Keith Bohanna’s Usability blog: Website usability is going be become an increasingly important issue for web design. I like Keith’s simple, but informative examples which highlight poor websites in action and what companies should really be doing. Again, am I blind or why did I not see this pop up in an aggregate feed?

Technology in plain English: Another simple, but effective website from First Partners, a company who help businesses with their IT needs.

SSIA Watch: A site set up to discuss savings, investment and spending ideas. With SSIAs (a special savings scheme in ireland) about to begin to mature in Ireland this year, every bank in the country should have set up something similar.

Tagging Tech: I’ve mentioned John Collins’ site before, but it’s worth another mention. He’s a freelance journalist who contributes to the Irish Times and trade publications. It offers a fantastic insight into the Irish tech world and I really like his decision to start offering a daily links roundup.

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3 Responses to “New Irish blogs to look out for”  

  1. 1 Piaras

    Oops I forgot to mention Infacta as well –

  2. 2 Robin Blandford

    See Imagefile Ireland are experimenting with business blogging also.

  3. 3 keith bohanna

    Hi Piaras

    Thanks for that mention and feedback on my approach. Ongoing feedback and constructive criticism most welcome.

    Aggregators – although I have submitted to a couple of aggregators they usually take a day or two to kick in and since I only started a couple of days ago I have yet to get around to doing some more submissions. I will now though – good to have a push 🙂


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