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The Internet offers a cost effective solution for engaging with the general public. By incorporating tools like blogs into a company’s website, it can transform their online offering into a focus group. For example, last week I posted about MPs in Britain calling for an enquiry into phone firms who are alleged to be targeting […]

Dublin’s freesheets, Herald AM and Metro, have agreed to give anti-litter campaigners €120,000 worth of free advertising following complaints about the rise in littering following their launch. I’d touched upon the subject before and am glad to see that each publication will try to help change the mindset of Dubliners – walking the city streets […]

Some people seem to think that the Dublin riots is some kind of pivotal moment for Irish blogs as they supposedly brought the story and the pictures to the Irish public. In reality it did nothing more, but highlight the line between the mainstream media and citizen reporters. While RTE radio should be criticised for […]

Michael Sommermeyer is the Court Information Officer for the Eighth Judicial District Court in Las Vegas, Nevada. Apart from maintaining his own personal website, Michael has also recently set up the Las Vegas Courts blog. It is an innovative website and illustrates how new media tools can help improve the PR process. The site is […]

I was meant to go into Dublin City Centre to see a movie in the Jameson Dublin Film Festival today. By the sounds of things I was better off staying at home, having slept it out this morning and not getting caught up in the riots in Dublin city today. Instead of being a landmark […]


Here are a few bits and bobs that I’ve been meaning to post over the last couple of days: Another Irish politician has started a blog. This time it’s Chris Andrews, a Fianna Fail candidate in Dublin South East. Comments are disabled on his site unfortunately. Car Buyers Guide is the latest Irish website to […]

According to Trevor Butterworth of the Financial Times, blogs are boring, overblown and don’t make a penny (via Niall Cook). The same could be said for sending your customer a Christmas card or taking prospective clients out to lunch. At the end of the day, sending a Christmas card or penning a blog for your […]

Join the revolution, don’t fight it

NBC, the television company behind Saturday Night Live, has told YouTube, the video sharing website, to remove the ‘Lazy Sunday’ skit that spread like wildfire across the Internet from their site. Needless to say that has caused an outcry from various sources claiming that NBC has shot itself in the foot (after finding its foot […]

Flick open a Marketing or IT magazine for small companies and you are likely to find an article offering advice to organisations about their online communications strategy. Terms like SEO, blogs and Adwords are used, but if you can’t get the basics right then what use are any of these tools? The amount of company […]

The latest JNLR figures have been released and they indicate a couple of growing trends. The big winners again are regional and commercial stations, whereas RTE, the national broadcaster, continues to lose listeners. In terms of the Irish context, the figures show that 85% of adults listen to radio daily, a statistic which underlines the […]

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