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I attended a marketing breakfast last week and noted at the event how far behind we are in Ireland in terms of viral marketing. There was no mention of the likes of YouTube or Google Video. Instead ,the only mention of viral marketing was a Carlsberg PowerPoint presentation that was emailed around following Ireland’s victory […]

One of the discussion point that came up at a marketing breakfast I attended last week was that the Internet was resulting in the commodisation of goods. My thought on the subject is that’s why creating a brand is so important online. Consumers don’t just use the Internet to get goods at the cheapest price […]

There are thousands of charities across the globe all vying for money from a limited pot. Because it is such a competitive space, charities are having to go above and beyond with their efforts in order to raise awareness about their cause. I read about a very interesting fundraiser in the Irish Times yesterday. Three […]

Why don’t the media hyperlink?

I actually find it frustrating reading mainstream media online. Why is it that they don’t hyperlink? I understand the whole walled garden strategy, but surely they could at least link to their own material or make links open in a new browser window. The reason why I think mainstream media stories should include links to […]

Promoting movies on the Internet

For all the talk of practical applications of blogging and other social media tools, one of the best uses of these new techniques is to promote movies on the Internet, especially in Ireland. The reason why movies should be promoted via the net is because word-of-mouth plays such a heavy role in what people decide […]

It seems a few people were thinking along the same lines as there are two articles in the Irish Times today about politics and blogs, one written by Adam Maguire. I also happened to be thinking along the same lines and here’s my two cents on the subject. Despite voter turnouts dropping across the globe […]

A recent post by ‘that girl’ over at the Thinking Out Loud website raised the point about bloggers’ lack of awareness about ethics. Before I start I should say that I willingly participated in some photographic moments last night. I choose which ones to do (ones with sponsors of the awards categories etc). But already […]

Another reason to avoid using jargon

PR consultants strive to tell their clients’ stories in language that the target audience will understand. Legal firms and financial institutions often seem to confuse customers with jargon. One interesting knock-on effect of this is these companies are going to miss out on precious hits from Google because consumers simply aren’t using their language when […]

Ed Byrne has launched a new blog which will be well worth a read. He’s recently joined Hosting365 as their Marketing Director, hence the lack of posts on his old site. He will also maintain the Hosting 365 blog. Ed has just announced the launch of a series of geek dinners in Ireland. The first […]

Changes on the Internet are having an interesting effect on how news is digested by the public. It used to be that today’s news would be tomorrow’s fish and chips lining, but Google seems to be changing all of that. Visit Google and enter the search term ‘Ashley Cole’ (If you are too lazy to […]

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