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As it turns out the Smart Telecom TV Now Awards were on last night, so Dublin was awash with soap stars and z-list celebrities. I was fairly perplexed while leaving Reynards nightclub last night to find three paparazzi outside. Out of morbid curiosity I asked who it was they were waiting for. Premiership footballer or […]

So the Boston Globe says that blogging is essential for a good career and Tom Raftery is running an interesting experiment to see if he can get a job from his blog. Can blogging actually get you a good job though? One of my friends likes to point out to me that the time I […]

Say cheese, you’re a criminal!

Surprisingly enough there wasn’t much of a fuss made last week when the Irish Minister for Justice, Michael MacDowell said that he wants our police force to carry cameras to take photographs of suspects (subscription required), especially in light of other discussions centering around peoples images been taken and used without their permission online. (Here,

Imagine getting the opportunity to be tutored by Donald Trump, Tony O’Reilly or Steve Jobs. People would jump at the catch to be their apprentice and hundreds of people attend events to tap the knowledge of people successful in their field. You don’t really hear people talking about online career development though. People are more […]

I’ve watched with interest over the past couple of weeks how a couple of Irish companies have started to get press coverage off the back of what was written on their blogs. For example, Karlin Lillington wrote a piece on Hosting 365’s free blogs offer in the Irish Times, Ireland’s leading broadsheet, because of what […]

A company could spend a couple of thousand on a photocall which may never land in a newspaper. Yet for the same amount of cash, a company could launch an online initiative like Nike’s RunLondon which can directly engage with a specific audience over a long period of time. It may only end up ever […]

I don’t know what it is about exclusivity, but having to be invited to use a service does wonders for building buzz around it. For example, I was delighted with myself when I got my invite for Gmail and felt even better being able to give five more people the chance to join. Experiencing exclusivity […]

There are plenty of ways to communicate with an audience. For example: You could issue a press release in order to get information published in a newspaper that the audience might read. You could start a blog in order to interact directly with a particular segment of society. You could give a speech to local […]

Thank you note

Just want to thank Tomasz Kozlowski for creating a new template for my blog. The downside for regular readers is that you have to see my ugly mug on every page…the upside is my ever encroaching baldness makes me look a little like a white Mr. T minus the beard. The photo on the website […]

I flicked through my headlines last week only to be confronted with this story from the BBC that people downloading podcasts are in a minority…well duh! The Beeb reports that a Forrester Research report uncovered that “tech savvy, young males are most likely to listen to take away audio“. The only thing I find startling […]

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