So the Boston Globe says that blogging is essential for a good career and Tom Raftery is running an interesting experiment to see if he can get a job from his blog. Can blogging actually get you a good job though?

One of my friends likes to point out to me that the time I put into my blog could be put into something else like starting a business. This site has increased my profile and opened avenues for me, but there will come a time where I’ll have to weigh up whether I spend an hour or two at the weekend drafting posts, as opposed to a few minutes, and pursue another opportunity which could provide me with a better return on investment. Let’s face it, there are guys out there thinking that they are changing the world in front of their computer screen, when the world is passing them by in reality.

Going back to the Boston Globe article, what should really be highlighted is whether you have anything interesting to say? How is a blog going to help your career if all you do is simply link to, rather than discuss, what you’re reading. Would I hire someone because they read the Irish Times or whether they’ve had an article published in it? Go figure!

The one really interesting thing to come from this though will be to see who gives Tom Raftery a job. Despite what’s being said in the comments, no-one really seems to be picking up on the fact that he claims to have job offers. If it’s an Irish company, it has the potential to be a publicity coup.

On a sidenote, call me old fashioned but I wouldn’t hire anyone without seeing their CV. While you can headhunt people, hire them because of their blog or be wildly impressed in an interview, as the person making the hiring decision you owe it to the company to ensure you have dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s before signing the deal. At the end of the day, words might be impressive, but actions (and results) speak louder.

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  1. 1 pb.


    I have managed to get two job offers as a result of blogging – One as a photographer (one-off family portrait), the other is a short-term contract with an IT development company who I signed with yesterday, without them ever asking to see a CV.

    Blogging cannot really be used in replacing a CV, most blogs have a list of experience in the about pages, but certain employers will want to see something more in-depth and perhaps physical. The blog may not get you the interview but it gives you an advantage after a company has seen your CV.

  2. 2 Strangler

    I personally reckon more people get fired over blogs that get jobs out of them!!

  3. 3 Stuart Bruce, BMA PR

    I’ve had approaches from very large PR firms wanting to hire me as a result of reading my blog. After several years of running my own business I’m not averse to taking a job but the ‘offer’ would have to be right and that doesn’t just mean money. None of the approaches so far have been right.

  4. 4 Michael Morton

    I do not believe that you need a blog to get a job but it does help. Take the case of Erin Caldwell, a PR student from Auburn University.

    Erin made a name for herself because of her exceptional work and tireless effort. However, it was her blog that made her known among the PR circles in the blogosphere.

    Those who are looking for a job should realize that nothing replaces accomplishments and hard work. For job seekers, a blog should be looked at as a communications channel that can increase your personal brand.

  5. 5 Piaras

    Well said Michael

  6. 6 Alex Gibson

    In the same way that employers routinely Google prospective employees to see what they have made a name for themselves in, no doubt blogs will be equally consulted. Some current students would be well advised to take down their entries on sites such as YouTube and Bebo in advance of launching themselves in the job market.

  7. 7 pb.

    I do not think anyone is looking to replace hard work and experience with a few simple blog posts’ and then expecting a job offer. A blog simply allows employers to see first hand how/what the prospective employee thinks, and often to see a portfolio of written and visual work.

  8. 8 Ivan |

    A blog does not replace a CV.
    A blog itself will not make you start getting job offers.
    A blog itself is not enough.

    But it certainly helps, especially is it’s relating to the industry you are targeting.

    Ivan |

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