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When humans and brands collide

One of the sites I started to read recently is Gordon’s Republic, the blog of the editor of Brand Republic. I found one of his recent posts about hotel branding quite interesting because he notes “people have more of a relationship with a bottle of Heinz Ketchup or Tide washing detergent because these brands deliver […]

Most of the talk about YouTube, an online video sharing website, in marketing/PR/ advertising circles up until now has been about user generated content, whereby consumers post videos which they have created themselves and whether brands can be featured. There are other interesting aspects to YouTube though as a number of different organisations have used […]

Interested to read on Public Relations India about someone who compiles all their “media coverage clips and making these copies available at her office reception, conference room, CEO, and the marketing and sales departments.“ Now while compiling press clippings is nothing new, I think the way she is going about it so proactively is really […]

Damien Mulley rightly points out the reason why Irish bloggers have gotten so upset over the fact that it@Cork received a cease and desist letter over the use of the phrase ‘Web 2.0’ in the title of an upcoming conference is due to the fact , “Irish bloggers couldn’t give a toss about web 2.0 […]

One. It takes the rest of them to talk about it. While Irish bloggers are busy waffling about a cease and desist letter. PR bloggers created their own storm in a tea cup last week about the launch of the Social Media press release by Shift Communications. I agree that the press release is evolving, […]

One. It the rest of them to talk about it. Supposedly blogs might replace traditional media. Realistically, blogs and other forms of social media will compliment traditional media. However, you’ve really got to question that in an Irish context when the thing which has irked Irish bloggers the most since the Dublin riots is the […]

Branding in photocalls

One of the most frustrating aspects for clients about photocalls is that you can’t prominently feature your branding in the pictures, except for those for trade media. Flick through the papers any day of the week and look at the photos in the general news sections, specifically those that look staged or feature models. You’ll […]

Imagine how journalists must feel

I had to ring a press office the other day. The only thing was I didn’t have the company in question’s number. Went to their website and searched high and low for the number. My search quickly turned from the press office number to any number at all. Needless to say it was a fruitless […]

I posted a quick tip a couple of weeks ago about how to find regional photographers in Ireland by ringing the local paper for a recommendation. A colleague stumbled across this website today where you can select photographers by county and by speciality. Very handy resource and saves the bother of making of a needless […]

Unfortunately last week saw the demise of Capital Magazine, a biweekly publication aimed at young Dubliners. When it launched I thought it would struggle due to the number of free magazines aimed at a similar market such as Mongrel. Twenty six weeks later I was proved right. A strange thing happened though during those twenty […]

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