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The Irish PR industry have been slow to adopt instant messaging. To be honest, I’ve only recently discovered its benefits for media relations. I would have thought that it could prove to be a distraction, but in fact it’s really efficient in terms of liaising with the press. For example, one of my clients dropped […]

One of the hardest thing to explain to people about journalists is that they work to very tight deadlines. When you actively start to engage with the press, you have to be prepared to make time at short notice to speak to a journalist as part of an interview for an article because they’re often […]

I’d better start this post with a disclaimer. I’m good friends with Ed Byrne, the Marketing Director in Hosting365, and I’m also on their free blog hosting plan. I have to highlight Hosting365 though for their enthusiasm which seems to ooze from everything they do these days. Here’s an email I got from them recently: […]

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Guy Kawasaki‘s “Art of the Start” presentation. It’s aimed at entrepreneurs, but relevant to everyone. People should be forced to watch this in my opinion. Technorati Tags: Guy Kawasaki, Piaras Kelly, Entrepreneurship

iReach is an Irish research firm that publishes really interesting insights about IT and consumer behaviour on a regular basis. I’m always left scracthing my head because some tech companies in the country obviously haven’t done a simple situation analysis since it’s plain to see that they haven’t read this freely available information. Here’s a […]

One of the most frustrating things about reading PR blogs is that most commentators talk about how the profession has changed overnight, rather than pointing out that it is evolving like other industries. It is claimed that if we don’t adapt and embrace new trends like word-of-mouthing marketing in its various guises such as blogs […]

I had an article in this weekend’s Sunday Business Post in the Marketing section. As time permits I’m going to submit more articles to the press in the future. This article is about the evolution in viral marketing thanks to Youtube et al. Here’s the article for those of you who don’t read the paper: […]

Jay Z, one of the world’s leading rap musicians, has called for a boycott on Cristal champagne after one of the company’s executives, when asked if the association between Cristal and the “bling lifestyle” could be detrimental, said “What can we do? We can’t forbid people from buying it.” Leading by example, Jay-Z has pulled […]

There’s been lots of talk recently about how consumers are now controlling brands. John Wagner recently posted some interesting commentary on the subject. Here’s the best bits: Brands are about image and experience, emotion and passion, logic and abandon. And those attributes are carefully crafted and nurtured by the way wise companies position, sell and […]

I don’t normally simply link to a new website I have begun to read, but in this instance I think deserves to be highlighted. Anyone involved in the communications industry in Ireland or that is interested in the Irish media should visit this website. It was created as a space for balanced debate about […]

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