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Floyd Landis, disgraced winner of the Tour de France, gave one of the worst media performances I’ve ever witnessed as he tried to explain that his naturally high levels of testosterone were to blame for his failed doping test. Landis started his defence by saying “We will explain to the world why this is not […]

I’ve been reading a new Hill and Knowlton blog recently, TechNed, which is written by four tech PR specialists in the Netherlands, after spotting a mention on Niall Cook’s website. One of the posts caught my attention was highlights from some basic research carried out on tech and telco journalists in the country to judge […]

I’ve talked about this before, but I really hate the way people keep saying that advertising is dead and that companies should dump their current advertising strategies and turn to YouTube et al. The truth is that advertising is less effective. The reason for this is because there is so much of it. Basically with […]

Roy Greenslade asks how often do readers return to newspaper websites and points out “a US survey of traffic on newspaper websites comes up with the following figures. Just 37% of newspaper site users are regular visitors, and only 27% visit daily.“ I think a better question is how long readers spend on newspaper websites. […]

Recent research by Amarach shows that three in ten adults in Ireland have heard of Bebo, a figure which I think is a little on the low side. What some people might find surprising though is that 20% of those aware of Ireland’s most popular social networking website heard about it through traditional media. Who […]

I was recently interviewed for a piece in the irish Independent’s eThursday section, here’s the article. The journalist asked me for a few pointers on how blogging can improve a company’s bottom line. I also got to point out some Irish business bloggers. Here’s my response: Blogging improves your company’s bottom line in four ways: […]

Selling vs Talking

Quick thought about how a lot of companies are approaching the Internet and the blog phenomenon. A lot of companies are eager to “embrace” bloggers in order to promote their products or services. By embrace though, I mean sell. Do I really want to hear about your product or service via email though. I probably […]

Sony’s latest PSP advertising campaign has been deemed racist because it features a white model violently grasping a black model. It’s meant to contrast the new white PSP with the standard black version. But the ad below has proved to be a big no-no. However slip it into other images created for the campaign and […]

Treat content like toothpaste

Adrian Weckler raises a few interesting points in a recent realityBYTES column in the Sunday Business Post from a communications perspective. Adrian highlights the fact that consumers aren’t going to download movies in their droves to watch them on their iPod. Looking past the obvious point that consumers prefer to watch films on the big […]

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