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Technology has enabled us to communicate with each other in ways that would have been completely unimaginable a couple of years ago. There’s quite a learning curve that goes hand in hand with this. Over the past few months we’ve seen people fired from their jobs because of their blogs or MySpace page. Now it’s […]

A lot has been made recently about Snakes on a Plane‘s failure to live up to the hype after if took only $15 million dollars at its opening. Mainstream audiences simply didn’t see the appeal. I’m an example of one such consumer who simply couldn’t be bothered with it, despite every blog post, video snippet […]

Charities and accountability

Damien O’Broin has posted some interesting commentary entitled “Charities, accountability and the Web.” He goes into how donors will put more research into which charities they donate to and says that it is only a matter of time before someone creates a database of charities that people can rank. It’s another sign that charities are […]

Bill Thompson details his airport experiences following the recent terrorism scare in the UK. It really highlights that fact that PR practitioners really have to put a lot more thought into new mediums of communication such as the internet, email and SMS, espeicially their use in crisis situations. This is going to be a subject […]

You’ve probably heard how the media landscape is changing, if not have a read of the BBC’s recent coverage about it. There’s lots of hype about how people are dumping one medium for another, but what needs to be realised is that the public suddenly has more choice than ever before. Naturally enough as a […]

Data is golddust

I think I must be a little obsessive compulsive, but facts and figures about consumer behaviour fascinate me. Furthermore, my mind boggles as freely available information floats around unwittingly ignored by marketing executives that should know better. I guess it’s much easier to get caught up in the hype than actually sit down and look […]

Microsoft has come up with a great idea for its Xbox Live service by allowing its customers to make games for the Xbox 360 when it starts to sell the XNA Game Studio Express software, a stripped-down version of its game development tools, for $99. A lot of people are excited at the prospect because […]

Hans Kullin, among others, talked last week about Google’s decision to send “a series of legal letters to media organisations warning them not to use the word “google” as a verb, meaning “to search the internet”. The search company is worried that wrong usage of its trademark will harm the brand. In the long run […]

Blurring the lines

Hans Kullin points out that the Metro in Sweden was fined 500,000 kronor after it had published an advertising wrap in the form of an article. The post immediately caught my interest because a similar advert in a Dublin freesheet in the last fortnight leaned far more towards editorial content than previous wraps I have […]

Interesting analysis my boss made the other day at work: The Internet will be the medium people turn to for breaking news. People will tune into broadcast media because it captures the emotion of a story. Newspapers will continue to be read because they will provide analysis of the event. As Mike Walsh would say, […]

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