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I’ve found the recent conflict in Lebanon and terrorist threat in the UK interesting mainly due to the media coverage, specifically for its portrayal of violence and muslims. I’ll talk about each point separately because one concentrates on Irish media and the other about International media. With regards to the media’s portrayal of violence from [...]

Interesting discussion with another Irish blogger about receiving mail from PR agencies. He has received relevant press releases due to his line of work from an agency in the past, but recently received a completely random release and he’s annoyed about it. I’d say that the email was sent in error, but it does highlight [...]

The Irish Times reports today (Subscription required) that Gap are finally entering the Irish market by opening a concession outlet in Arnotts, a major department store in Dublin. The funny thing about this story is that I also read about it in the Times yesterday, it just happened to be in the advertising section of [...]

This year’s Ryder Cup is taking place in Ireland and it’s the biggest sporting event in the country for many a year. Needless to say there’s countless euro tied up in its sponsorship. The funny thing about sponsorship though, and what many people don’t realise, is that you’ve got to spend as much activating the [...]

David Harvey was in the office to tell us about City Channel last week. City Channel is one of the leading media organisations in Ireland when it comes to ethnic programming and he announced that they were about to launch another program for one of Ireland’s new communities, the Filipino audience. What really caught my [...]

PR photography in Ireland

A photographer from the Irish Times came into us in Drury Communications to talk to us a little bit about photography and PR as part of a ongoing series of in-house sessions we run. One of the interesting points that came out of the session was the lack of variety of PR images submitted to [...]

Our old telephone company keep ringing us in an attempt to resign us as customers again. It’s funny how eager a company gets when it actually loses customers to sign them up again, but up until the point that those very customers actually change provider, they won’t listen to their concerns. A lot of companies [...]

Agenda Inc reports “after years of helping TV viewers skip past ads, TiVo unveils an initiative…that will enable Madison Avenue to measure the damage. The digital video recorder pioneer has created a division, TiVo Audience Research and Measurement, that will compile detailed data showing how many TiVo users zap particular ads, including the exact second [...]

Interviewed on Today FM

I was on the Last Word on Today FM this evening to talk briefly about podcasting. I’ll throw up a link to the show when it goes up on their website. First time for me to wear the headphones in studio as opposed to a client. Technorati Tags: Last Word, Piaras Kelly, Matt Cooper, Today [...]

A different perspective

The sure sign of a good consultancy, much like a good friend, is that they offer a different perspective. They applaud you on your accomplishments, but point out the toothpaste that’s still on your cheek from this morning. Sometimes you need a different perspective to see that everything isn’t smelling of roses. For example, I [...]

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