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The dangers of Google

Last week while sitting at my computer my interest perked when I read the following news headline – “Fire fighters bid to contain Cork quay fire” (The story has been updated since.) The reason why it caught my interest though was because I remember a popular Irish blogger posting about a fire in Cork a […]

Must Read!

Just read a fantastic post on Eric Kintz’s blog about the dynamics of viral marketing. He highlights the “key insights that all marketers should use as they develop word of mouth campaigns”: #1 – Viral marketing does not spread well. In epidemics, high connectors are very critical nodes of the network and allow the virus […]

After almost two years, I’ve finally taken my first steps back into the gym. A light jog on the treadmill had me looking around at the different television screens in order to stave off the boredom. A caption on Sky News caught my attention as one of the guests was promptly referred to as a […]

Blog consultant? Give me a break!

Pat Phelan recounts a conversation with Keith Bohanna about the possibility of a new career emerging – a blog technologist. I’d have to side with Pat about it, a blog technologist sounds a bit like a Y2K consultant (remember those!) As my first year Computer Science lecture told us, Y2K consultant is a bit like […]

I was watching Sky News at the weekend and one segment caught my attention when they were interviewing one of the Vatican’s spokespeople about the controversy over the Pope’s recent comments. He pointed out that much of the controversy has stemmed from how the media are reporting it, specifically pointing out a headline from one […] draws to my attention that TG4, the native Irish language television station, is now almost ten years old. Quite a feat when you consider that few people would have thought it would have lasted this long. Anyhow, points out that it has a poll for the best shows over the past few years. […]

Great viral

My viral viewing is normally restricted to YouTube these days, but David Cochrane pointed me in the way of this great campaign that his agency have developed to promote the new Scissor Sisters single, “I don’t feel like dancin’” Who doesn’t want to see the Irish taoiseach have one last dance with the former leader […]

There’s a lot to learn from Starbucks

Just reading one of the latest Change This manifestos, Tribal Knowledge – Business wisdom brewed from the grounds of Starbucks corporate culture by John Moore. A couple of things really jumped off the page for me which I wish other companies would take note of, especially when you consider how successful Starbucks is: But as […]

Sponsoring your way to a scandal

Feargal McKay has raised the downside of sports sponsorship in the comments section of this website on a number of occasions, highlighting the case of Floyd Landis, the disgraced Tour de France winner, and his sponsor, Phonak, a Swiss hearing aid maker. Agenda Inc reports the opportunity “could have translated into a remarkable promotional campaign […]

Online gaming and brands

I mentioned before how Microsoft are enabling people to make their own games for the Xbox 360. Unsurprisingly gamers are not the only people excited by the news. Joystiq reports part of the promotion for the new Toyota Yaris includes developing “a Yaris driving game for the Xbox Live Arcade.” This reflects a growing trend […]

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