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Practical marketing use of MySpace

Bill Balderaz has a good example of a practical marketing use of MySpace. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably a bit frustrated by people who are telling companies to set up a MySpace page and leaving them under the impression that kids will suddenly find their product or service “cool” and buy it in […]

You have to admire the opportunists out there who garner publicity off the back of another story. Case in point, Lycos who revealed last week that “the search term ‘Elin Nordegren’ showed the biggest increase for the week ending 23 September.” Silicon Republic reports: Elin Nordegren is Tiger Woods’ wife, and was the focus of […]

Another Irish PR blogger

Just noticed that Ronnie Simpson, MD or Simpson Financial & Technology Public Relations, has started a blog. That brings the number of Irish PR bloggers to three: Tom Murphy, myself and now Ronnie. It’s great to see someone else dipping their toe into this medium, especially someone with as much experience. Only two entries to […]

I’m looking for a recorder that I can record directly to MP3 so I can start podcasting. Does anyone have any recommendations that I can order straight from Amazon? I’ve looked at both of these (Sanyo ICRS700RM & Sanyo ICRS240RM), but don’t want to go splashing 200 bucks yet because there’s no reviews about them. […]

YouTube and public behaviour

Which of Ireland’s leading broadcasters was drunk on Grafton Street on Saturday night, regaling his ‘audience’ gathered nearby with a few songs after taking a microphone from a busker? His behaviour is hardly surprising given that he changed jobs due to the constraints his previous one was placing on his lifestyle. After my brother recounted […]

Another reason to opt for engaging the services of a PR consultancy is because of their range of contacts. Ignoring their contacts in the media, an agency could be viewed as the legal equivalent of a Fence. As Huggy Bear would say in Starsky and Hutch – ‘I know some people that know some people […]

Great beermat advertising

Here’s a couple of images of both sides of a beermat from a pub I was in the other week. It’s a hilarious piece of advertising which really works well for I wouldn’t have been the biggest fan of beermat advertising in the past, but this piece goes to show how effective it can […]

Just after reading in the Sunday Times about the videos below. Red Bull have commisioned Cedric Dumont to do a freebase challenge around Ireland which will be completed this week when he undertakes his fourth challenge in the Aran Islands tomorrow. The videos illustrate why YouTube is a great PR tool and how it can […]

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