I’m looking for a recorder that I can record directly to MP3 so I can start podcasting. Does anyone have any recommendations that I can order straight from Amazon? I’ve looked at both of these (Sanyo ICRS700RM & Sanyo ICRS240RM), but don’t want to go splashing 200 bucks yet because there’s no reviews about them.

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  1. 1 Bernie Goldbach

    Just so you know that recording directly to MP3 could trap you with a result that is not suitable for broadcast usage. You have to be very aware of the format you’re editing when you start with an MP3. Additionally, your recorder must be sampling at least 48 kbps to sound better than a Skype recording. We use Sony’s ICD MX-20 and avoid this hassle but it means processing MSV to WAV to MP3. If you’re recording to MP3, you may have the same number of steps: MP3 to WAV for edit to MP3 distribtion.

  2. 2 James Corbett

    Having been listening to the results of Bernie’s dictaphone recordings for some while now and having seen it in action when he ‘taped’ my thoughts at a Limerick bloggers meetup I can vouch for the amazing quality of the little gizmo. A little expensive perhaps but definitely worth considering.

  3. 3 Michele

    You can’t order electronics from Amazon if you live in Ireland. Have a look at some of the alternatives listed on http://www.armchair.ie (yes that is a blatant plug!)

  4. 4 Piaras

    Didn’t know that, but I have my contacts that can pick stuff up for me ;)

  5. 5 Alan

    I had wondered what happened to armchair.ie – it just kindof disappeared for a long time.

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