Great beermat advertising

Here’s a couple of images of both sides of a beermat from a pub I was in the other week. It’s a hilarious piece of advertising which really works well for I wouldn’t have been the biggest fan of beermat advertising in the past, but this piece goes to show how effective it can be. Just to note though, it’s very important that that the advertising concept reflects the medium it’s displayed on. In this case it works very well.



3 Responses to “Great beermat advertising”  

  1. 1 Richard

    Nice but possible a little risque.

    Have to be careful not to antagonise the female population too much.

    Maybe lastminute is primarily used by fellas?

  2. 2 Damien

    Or – are there other versions, with a similarly unattractive male?

  3. 3 fmk

    there are other versions. this campaign is atleast six months old, possibly even dates back to last year.

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