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Stephen Davies recently posted ‘Five Tips for being a great PR consultant’ and asked me what my five tips would be. I think the title of the post doesn’t necessarily do it justice, I think 5 tips for becoming a great PR consultant would be more suitable. Here’s my 2 cents: Stay calm. We work […]

And then there were four…

The number of Irish PR bloggers has doubled in the last year…to a whopping total of four! 🙂 I just stumbled across Natalie Buhl’s website and she follows in Ronnie Simpson’s footsteps as the fourth Irish PR blogger. Natalie is studying for for an MA in Public Affairs and Political Communications at DIT. Given the […]

The Irish Times are set to debut a new website tomorrow, you can take a tour by following this link and click on the button. It is being launched after extensive customer research, but ultimately to incorporate some of their recent online acquisitions. It’s still a walled garden approach with premium content, but people will […]

Content creates communities

A variety of organisations want to jump into the world of new media. A far cry from twelve months ago, now everyone is talking about blogs, mobile marketing, etc. Unfortunately it seems like we’re destined to make the same mistakes as before, primarily because we think of new media in terms of traditional media. If […]

I’d like to claim credit for this, but a motoring journalist mentioned it during a discussion we had about outsourcing to China the other week. Although lower operating costs and the resulting increased profitability are the primary reasons why companies choose to move to the country, the Chinese have realised while foreigners may make their […]

A scary thought about advertising

Why is it that most advertisements these days are designed to make you think that something is wrong with you? Technorati Tags: Advertising, Piaras Kelly

Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion essentially for the site’s popularity. Google has its own video offering, Google Video, but it never took off like many of YouTube’s other rivals. It seems like the world’s currency has suddenly shifted from dollars to eyeballs. However one major hurdle that the likes of Google is going to […]

Damian O’Broin raised a very interesting point recently about fundraising and marketing for non-profits and charities in Ireland. He conducted a short piece of research and donated a small amount to fifteen Irish charities online and was shocked to see that one third of the organisations didn’t send him a thank you note for his […]

It’s been a long time…

Needless to say that it’s been a busy couple of weeks hence this website lying stagnant. Better get back to updating it often again, looks like I rank as the 29th most popular blog in Ireland. Not sure whether I should take that to equate as a failed boyband or an indie group making a […]

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