And then there were four…

The number of Irish PR bloggers has doubled in the last year…to a whopping total of four! :) I just stumbled across Natalie Buhl’s website and she follows in Ronnie Simpson’s footsteps as the fourth Irish PR blogger.

Natalie is studying for for an MA in Public Affairs and Political Communications at DIT. Given the huge interest in the area and an upcoming election, I’ll be keeping a keen eye on her site.

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  1. 1 Natalie

    Thanks Piaras,
    I’ll try to keep it interesting for ye. I’m really enjoying my blog, but if you have any advice on how to improve it please let me know…

  2. 2 Tom

    I’m sure that there are a lot of Irish PR lurkers (myself being one of them) who are happy to comment and particpate in discussions, but haven’t set up their own blogs. I tend to look at the blogs that are around, both Irish and international, and wonder will I be regularly adding anythng new or will I just be talking about the same things. Is worthwhile to start a blog if all it will be is an aggregator?

    I get a lot of stuff in my RSS feeder that is repetitious, or appears to have been written for the sake of being written. Especially a number of ’15 rules for x’ posts. It’s one of the reasons why I go through my RSS feed once a month and weed out one or two of the ones I have added, because you have to be willing to go a while without posting if there is nothing new to say. (Obviously Piaras, you’ve managed to avoid the cull each month!)

    So there are more than four Irish PR pros on the tinternet, but some of us are just serial commentors.

  3. 3 Piaras

    i know there’s lurkers, but don’t think there’s many participants.

    Tom I know what you mean about some of the blogs out there, your comments are more insightful than the content they produce – a very basic reason why I think you should have a blog of your own.

  1. 1 Murphy’s Law » Number of PR Bloggers in Ireland double in a few months

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