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A colleague raised a good point the other day, job applicants should look twice at what personal email address they have included on their job application. While such addresses might be okay to give to a friend, what do you think runs across your potential employer’s mind when he sees some inappropriate text. Technorati Tags: […]

After noticing how many Dublin commuters read the morning freesheets, a couple of thoughts ran through my mind: Newspaper sales are falling. However I wonder how many of those sales are as a result of the freesheets. If you were to break down sales by consumer, I’d say that you’d find marginal consumers like students […]

New products coming to life on YouTube

When it comes to new products, YouTube is powerful for two reasons. 1. From a trendwatcher’s perspective it proves quite useful to gauge the popularity of the latest gizmo. Just search for Wii and look at the reaction to Nintendo’s latest console. Here’s one of my personal favs from the site. There’s numerous videos like […]

Some other good stuff at a recent PRII event on the future of radio I wasn’t able to attend (unfortunately the website structure means I can’t link to the page, so here’s the choice tidbits instead): Because new media will complement but not replace it. There is a lot of talk about the advent of […]

I’m after reading in the Sunday Times and on the Limerick Blogger that the Metro plans to double it’s circulation to 100,000 copies and will launch regional editions in Galway, Cork and Limerick. A previous client of mine was involved in bringing the publication to Cork earlier this year when they took out an advertising […]

Oxfam’s Christmas virals

Oxfam have produced a couple of great YouTube videos for Christmas, one in Ireland and another in the UK. I’ve linked to both videos below. Both reflect the tremendous value of the Internet. Other than the production costs and time spent emailing bloggers &popular websites, there are no advertising costs. The Irish video underlines this […]

Christmas shopping ideas

Here’s some Christmas shopping ideas: A pair of Powerizers (via tcal). Powerizers are spring loaded sportswear that will let you run at speeds up to 30 km per hour, make strides of three metres and up two metres into the air. They look similar to the equipment some athletes use in the paraolympics. At €269.99 […]

My travels on Second Life

I finally signed up for a Second Life account, here’s some pictures from my travels. My username is Brucea Willis (don’t understand why you can’t choose your own surname). Here’s a picture of Trinity College from Dame Street. Somebody has gone through a lot of trouble to replicate our capitol city in Second Life, but […]

Why is online customer service so poor?

I was doing a bit of online Christmas shopping and I’m astounded how bad online customer service is. As usual I’m flicking between a few sites at the one time. On one site I had the option of calling the company in question for further details (because publishing their prices online would somehow be a […]

New job at Edelman

I’ve left Drury Communications to join Edelman’s Dublin office. Over the past couple of years, I’ve had fantastic opportunities and gotten to work with some great people at Drurys. After saying farewell to clients and a night out with my colleagues, I finished up last Friday week. The only thing I won’t miss is the […]

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