Christmas shopping ideas

Here’s some Christmas shopping ideas:

A pair of Powerizers (via tcal). Powerizers are spring loaded sportswear that will let you run at speeds up to 30 km per hour, make strides of three metres and up two metres into the air. They look similar to the equipment some athletes use in the paraolympics. At €269.99 (includes delivery) they’re pricey, but are a unique gift. Here’s a video of them in action.

Some funky footwear. Worn Again make recycled trainers using materials like old men’s suits, car seats, granddad shirts and prison blankets. They sound awful, but visit their product page to see the end result. I should have a pair of these on my feet in the New Year.

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  1. 1 Jason Smyth

    Hi, great things these are! I bought a pair from and Im in Ireland. everyone asks me where I got them from so thought i’d share it on here!
    I paid EUR 295 incl delivery, however they’re now showing EUR 265.00!! (a little gutted, but im still lovin them!)

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