I’m after reading in the Sunday Times and on the Limerick Blogger that the Metro plans to double it’s circulation to 100,000 copies and will launch regional editions in Galway, Cork and Limerick. A previous client of mine was involved in bringing the publication to Cork earlier this year when they took out an advertising wrap.

From a PR perspective, organisations are suddenly going to be a lot more interested in getting their press releases into the Metro because of its circulation figures. I was talking to a PR practitioner who up until recently had been working in the UK. I was running through the different Irish publications with her and she noted the difference in attitudes about the Metro on either side of the pond.

With its impending regional launch, some might say that the Metro could also impact on local publications. The one sticking point for me about the Metro though is its content. Regional papers in Ireland are bucking the international trend as not only is their circulation continuing to rise, but new publications are starting to pop up. The reason for this is because they are so relevant for local audiences. I was in Leitrim recently and read the first issue of the Leitrim Post, I was taken aback by its quality.

The Metro takes a lot of its content from its international team, it’ll be interesting to see if they put the resources in place to match the standard of local titles. If they can tap into the community then it”ll go from strength to strength.

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  1. 1 c4

    I think that piece in the Sunday Times was a little bit of ‘bravado’ on behalf of the Metro.

    Galway. Cork and Limerick – whilst having a decent enough population – don’t have the transport structure sufficient to sustain a free ‘commuter’ newspaper like Metro and Herald AM.

    They also claimed in the same article that they offered E3m for the ‘rail contract’! Interesting as there has been no tender document issued by CIE asking for applications. I therefore conclude that Merto were simply writing their Christmas Wish List.

  2. 2 Piaras

    Think they’ll be relying on advertising to sustain it. Not sure how the distribution will be managed.

    On the rail contract, this has been talked about for a while. Last time the ST reported on it though they went with the angle that there was a bidding war between both publications. Interesting in light of the fact that there’s no tender document though, time will tell I guess.

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