My travels on Second Life

I finally signed up for a Second Life account, here’s some pictures from my travels. My username is Brucea Willis (don’t understand why you can’t choose your own surname).

Here’s a picture of Trinity College from Dame Street. Somebody has gone through a lot of trouble to replicate our capitol city in Second Life, but the next picture shows some of the game’s potential.

This is a picture of the Book of Kells in Second Life. It’s rather crude, but given that you can link to websites from the game, it’s a handy tool for the tourism board to give gamers information about various attractions on offer in Ireland.

Didn’t get a chance to check out the Edelman office in Second Life, but here’s the Thinkhouse PR one instead.

Finally, here’s a picture of Cafe Bar Deli, a popular restaurent in Dublin, whose shopfront caught my eye when I was walking past in the game.

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4 Responses to “My travels on Second Life”  

  1. 1 Richard Delevan

    Nice hat.

  2. 2 Piaras

    It hides my bald spot :D

  3. 3 patricia

    Well done, at least you’ve found your way around….
    I have a very bursty wireless broadband connection (in the mountains of kerry) so my second life is currently limited to shuffling about, then flying away in order to get some speed up! My last adventure was practising some skat / barbershop singing (god only knows how this happened, it wasn’t my plan, I just got stuck in front of some sheet music). After a few minutes I was surrounded by a bunch of curious onlookers calling out “encouragement”, and unable to do anything else, I simply flew away again…more an aviator than an avatar really…
    I will look out for Brucea Willis (with the nice hat) next time I’m in…don’t be alarmed if I fly away, it’s nothing personal….

  4. 4 Ham Rambler

    Glad you enjoyed your quick trip around Dublin. I am working on some expansion to the west and east, so make sure you call back to see new stuff. Ham Rambler ( aka John Mahon)

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