A colleague raised a good point the other day, job applicants should look twice at what personal email address they have included on their job application. While such addresses might be okay to give to a friend, what do you think runs across your potential employer’s mind when he sees some inappropriate text.

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5 Responses to “Personal email addresses in job applications”  

  1. 1 Michael Morton

    I absolutely agree! While I was in the process of leaving my last employer, one of my responsibilities was to help find my replacement. You wouldn’t believe the number of weird email addresses people put on their resumes!

    Come on people! Do you really think princesssarah32, darkman81, or tinakappadelta really makes you look professional?!? As you can probably tell, this is one of my pet peeves. I graduated college in 2002, so I’m not some old, crotchety business man. I think a lot of college graduates are simply clueless as to how one should present themselves in the business world.

  2. 2 Ken McGuire

    That was actually one big thing I had warned a lot of my graduating classmates about two years ago when it came to doing CVs. Every day you’d get the same forwarded emails from people in your class, they never of course paying attention to the fact that they look like ‘pimpdaddy69’ or other such emails. In all fairness, I think that if people are serious about applying to well known professional outfits, multinationals, or even local businesses, that splashing out a fiver for a domain name along with the 30 euro you’ve spent in the college copying your CVs wouldn’t be a bad idea!

    Hell, sometimes if its local you might impress them by having your own domain where they don’t 🙂

  3. 3 Stephen Davies

    When I was working in the North East a girl emailed my then boss for work experience using the email address donnalovestupac@hotmail.com.

    Made us laugh…

  4. 4 Michele

    Not only should they be careful about their email addresses, but they should also be careful about their blogs.

    If I’m considering a candidate’s CV I may check to see if Google “knows” anything about them…

  5. 5 Michele

    Your timestamps are an hour out as well

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