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Anytime I hear anybody say that advertising is dead I just shake my head. It isn’t dying, it’s evolving. Pamela N. Danziger captures this sentiment for me in her book ‘Let Them Eat Cake‘ Just because most advertising doesn’t work to generate sales doesn’t mean that luxury companies should necessarily stop advertising. Rather, they need […]

My brother told me about another great ad that’s on TV at the moment – Snickers’ ‘Get Some Nuts’ featuring Mr. T. The really interesting thing about it was that I missed the ad, but when my brother told me about it I was compelled to find it on YouTube. Alex Gibson left a comment […]

I noted a post by Damien Mulley the other week asking whether Google is losing its innovative power. There’s been some grumbling about the Internet giant of late. In fairness to Google, the world has never witnessed a faster ascent to the top of the corporate ladder, let alone the same rate of innovation. As […]

We have a general election coming up this Summer in Ireland and the political parties are busy canvassing despite no date being set for a vote. Press releases are being fired out ten a penny by the political parties and rivals are getting their digs in already. I’ve noticed the increase in leaflets being pushed […]

A royal breakup

It has been fascinating to watch the breakup of Prince William and his girlfriend Kate Middleton in the media over the weekend. The sheer hypocrisy of the coverage was mind-boggling. I don’t know how many times I watched the same Sky News report list the intense media focus on Ms Middleton as one of the […]

If advertising is dead then…

Why am I (and almost every teenager in Ireland – the audience that supposedly doesn’t pay attention to advertising anymore) going around saying “bow chicka wah wah”? Answers on a postcard or watch the Lynx ad below. Yes the role of advertising is changing (more on that later), but to say it is dead or […]

At the start of the year I noted that the fall in music sales might have a lot to do with the fact that consumers are picking and choosing songs instead of purchasing entire albums. Two articles that I read last week seem to indicate the trend. Silicon Republic reported on the latest iTunes upgrade […]

Two new campaigns by Guinness and Powerade made me sit up and take note recently: Guinness has stepped up its campaign to target the take-home market in Ireland. Their latest advertising campaign was noted as it was the first time an advert had been tailored for the increasingly valuable segment on such a scale. I […]

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