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The Great Firewall of China

Censorship seems like such a foreign concept until it jumps up and bites you in the ass. I discovered this first hand this week when I sent my father, who works in China, an email. The email contained a link to a story I thought would be of interest to him. The article was innocuous […]

Corporate Twit?

I was interested to read Niall Cook’s commentary about Twitter, a tool that lets users send short updates limited to 140 characters to members of their network. Cook can envisage a day where: Every employee has an account on an internal Twitter-like service (for the purposes of this post, let’s call it Critter – Corporate […]

The importance of timing

Timing is everything in Public Relations. This ranges from meeting journalists’ deadlines to clashing with events that are firmly established in the calendar. Sometimes circumstances outside of your control mean that whatever you’re trying to promote will be overshadowed by breaking news. Over the past fortnight I’ve been working on a series of events across […]

Paddys on tour

The Paddy Valley Tour has 17 people signed up so far to visit Silicon Valley in December in order to showcase products and to meet investors in the spiritual home of IT. The organisers are looking advice on the following points, if you can help them with any of there queries please give feedback here. […]

Market research has and always will be a hot topic. How it is used though is a slightly contentious issue. Many feel that it offers insights into consumers’ minds and allows companies to develop new products or services. However, quite often opportunities are overlooked because organisations do not drill down and examine how customers are […]

A while back I wrote about the concept of a media concierge, whereby the influence of social networks on our purchasing habits will increase: Bebo and MySpace’s service will transform their users into media concierges and underline the power of social networks. When I visit my friends’ pages I will be exposed to whatever media […]

Some websites worth visiting

Here’s a couple of sites that I have added to my reading list over the past couple of months which others may like to visit: Final Burp – A blog by Stefano, strategic planner in a global advertising agency. Altyrian View – The Blog and podcast series of John Mims, APR, vice president of communications […]

Why Viacom is dumb

This post originally started out explaining why YouTube should be used to help promote TV shows, but in the space of day Viacom have decided to pull down the clip I wanted to use as an example. I wanted to reference a clip from this year’s MTV Movie Awards where the event’s host Sarah Silverman […]

Lance Davis has an article in The Register about why the Apple won’t sell ten million iPhones in 2008. Davis picks apart Steve Jobs’ rationale behind his 2008 sales prediction that “10 million iPhones is one per cent of the mobile phone market”, arguing that he is not comparing like with like: The vast majority […]

Ireland is in the middle of the aftermath of a general election with Fianna Fail emerging as the dominant party, but looking to make up the numbers to form a stable government. As someone with no allegiance to any particular political party, I have to say that the whole affair was fascinating to watch – […]

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