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Some cool outdoors

Couple of pictures that have been floating around the office, have a look:

My privacy bugbear

A man walks into a grocery store and the sales assistant behind the counter greets him by his first name, places his daily order on the counter and helps him with the bags to his car. The man smiles to himself about what a wonderful shopping experience he just had. It’s a pretty positive customer […]

For all the talk of the iPhone’s price proving to be prohibitive, shoppers are eagerly snapping them up. John Moore points to a survey of 200 iPhone owners, 90% of whom are either extremely or very satisfied with the phone and 85% of them will recommend the iPhone to a friend. Some of the other […]

BusinessWeek has an article on the appointment of Mark Jarvis, Dell’s new marketing chief, to coincide with their new advertising campaign (the ad is below.) Between this and HP’s ‘PC is Personal’ campaign, tech companies are slowly starting to realise they need to start talking to consumers in a language they understand. Andrea Learned sums […]

Press release of the day

An Irish politician has jumped on the bandwagon of the Simpsons Movie and is calling for the Irish premier of the film to take place in his home town of Springfield, Tallaght. Full release: Call for ‘the Simpsons’ Irish premiere to be held in Springfield, Tallaght – O’Connor Local Fianna Fáil TD, Charlie O’Connor, is […]

Wikipedia and Breaking News

Roy Greenslade points out that journalists are using Wikipedia as a source of breaking news and links to a New York Times article on the subject. While it’s very interesting, I have a number of reservations about its use as a breaking news source. Forgetting questions about the reliability of its contributors for a moment, […]

I was sorry to read that Funda Ireland shut its doors after only six months in operation. The property website was promoted through an excellent viral marketing campaign when it launched. Here’s the YouTube video which garnered a lot of online and media attention: While the demise of the website can be put down to […]

John Naughton highlights commentary from Gary Becker on whether China will become the leading economy of the 21st century. Reading the passages highlighted by Naughton, I couldn’t help but draw a comparison between the commentary and the Irish economy. Becker states: Countries invariably discover that it is much easier to grow rapidly when they are […]

Got a bit of a shock reading the Evening Herald today to find out that Eddie Hobbs had seen the blog post about our observation in the office that Eddie Hobbs seemed to be styling himself on Count Von Count. The Evening Herald had an article making a joke of it with Eddie Hobbs admitting […]

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