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Haven’t posted in a while due to a hectic work schedule. Just after launching Halo 3, the entertainment event of the year, in Ireland last week. Expect a slew of posts next week as I try to catch up on the news from the past couple of weeks. In the meantime here’s a teaser for […]

Multiculturalism in Ireland

I’m a bit late chipping in my 2 cents about the turban row between the Sikh community and the Garda Siochana, Ireland’s police force. I can understand the Garda Siochana’s position on the subject – when a Garda knocks on your door all you should see is the badge and nothing else that might make […]

Nick Carr points out that due to some SEO on the New York Times websites, old articles are starting to appear higher in Google with unintended consequences. Carr pulls out a quote by NYT editor, Clark Hoyt, “Long-buried information about people that is wrong, outdated or incomplete is getting unwelcome new life. People are coming […]

It’s official – Ireland joins the list of money-rich, time-poor countries…according to O’Briens sandwiches anyway. A recent survey conducted on behalf of O’Briens showed that “half the population is too busy to eat, with 50pc of people in Irish cities skipping lunch at least once a week. Dubliners are the most hard-pressed for time, with […]

The HSE has launched an excellent public information campaign in the South of Ireland which demonstrates clear audience segmentation, something which many campaigns often fail to take into account. The Irish Independent reports that the campaign is designed to combat “low levels of awareness in Cork and Kerry about sexual health services which are available […]

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