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I am one of many Irishmen that is eagerly anticipating getting his grubby little paws on an iPhone next year when it finally launches in the Emerald Isle, but my attention was grabbed by another piece of innovation when reading John Naughton’s blog the other day – the LifeStraw. From Cnet: People can safely drink […]

A running theme in the Irish media is the notion that we need to become a knowledge based economy in order to move up the value chain and attract foreign direct investment to Ireland. To be honest, ask the average punter out on the street what a knowledge based economy is and you would get […]

So Prince is being heralded for giving his music away for free. I have yet to be convinced that this is a good move for the music industry. Granted for consumers it’s great to be able to get artists like Prince and Radiohead’s latest albums for free, but what about all the new bands trying […]

L Plates and economics

The Irish Times reports on news announced on Sunday that “Minister for Transport Noel Dempsey has announced an exemption until June 2008 for 122,000 learner drivers who would otherwise have to travel accompanied at all times with a full licence holder under new regulations which were due to take effect this week.” The news was […]

Science Week Lecture Series

As part of Science Week 2007, which runs from 11 – 18 November, we have just announced a lecture series which is free to the public. Please find more information below and apply for tickets online. To celebrate Science Week 2007 Discover Science & Engineering in association with Women in Technology and Science (WITS) and […]

Tourism Ireland eSymposium

I will be speaking today at the Tourism Ireland eSymposium conference. I will be presenting at the User Generated Content Workshop with David Shiell from WebLiquid. Please find my presentation below. I will also record a podcast to accompany it at some stage this weekend hopefully, marking the return of my long paused podcast seriesTen […]

There were two interesting reports in Saturday’s Irish Times about Steve Staunton’s impending dismissal as manager of the Irish soccer team. Mary Hannigan reported (subscription required) on the Robbie Keane’s appearance on the Late, Late Show the night before. The team captain used his appearance as an opportunity to blame “sections of the press for […]

What is Greenpeace thinking?

Greenpeace seem hellbent on waging a war with Apple over their environmental credentials. It’s a bit of an odd move in my mind…and dare I say it a cynical ploy designed to garner media coverage. If you look at most cause related groups, they typically try to appeal to a youth audience. So I’m left […]

Boogie on down with Diesel

The viral effort below by Diesel is one of the best efforts I’ve seen. Classic mashup – retro TV and dance music spliced together. Cunning way to launch your new range of trainers. Technorati Tags: Diesel, Piaras Kelly, PR, Public Relations

Sorry for the shameless client plug, but seeing as this is a fantastic prize I think it’s worth the mention. Science Week Ireland have Zero Gravity flights and a trip to Las Vegas for two up for grabs this year for the Science Week Ireland 2007 competition. This is the experience that Stephen Hawking was […]

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