So Prince is being heralded for giving his music away for free. I have yet to be convinced that this is a good move for the music industry. Granted for consumers it’s great to be able to get artists like Prince and Radiohead’s latest albums for free, but what about all the new bands trying to muscle into the scene? How do they plan to earn back the money their label spent on producing their album and now radio stations will have an even bigger stranglehold on making truly commercial stars.

Anyway the real point of this post is to highlight Prince’s record label issuing a takedown notice to Stephanie Lenz who posted a short video clip of her son dancing to Prince’s ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ (via TMZ) In a statement, his label said “Prince believes it is wrong for YouTube, or any user-generated site, to appropriate his music without his consent … It’s simply a matter of principle.”

Prince is definitely a man of principles, have a look at the video below and see whether you even notice his song in the background.

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  1. 1 Iron Mauro

    It seems he likes it. Prince would never issue a true fan. Prince, wouldn’t you?!?

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