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Next time you reach into your pocket for some change for a homeless person, you might be better off giving them a phone charger. So says an article in the News Tribune (via The publication reports that: “… A growing number of thecity’s homeless will surprise you by whipping Nokias and Motorolas from otherwise […]

The issue of transparency for charities rose its head again over the weekend. Reporting in the Irish Times (subscription required), Paul Cullen, Consumer Affairs correspondent, wrote about the actual amount from the sale price of Charity Christmas Cards that goes towards their intended cause. In some cases as little as 10 per cent of the […]

Once regarded as the daily source for Irish culture, media news, gossip, Blogorrah is now officially dead as a new site, The Chancer, has stepped up to take its place. Previous contributors from Blogorrah are involved in the project by all accounts, so best of luck to them. The site has its finger so scarily […]

The classic publicity stunt

You have to hand it to companies who keep their finger on the pulse and pull quick publicity stunts. You’ve got to hand it to the guys over at who are now home to the Britney Spears muffin. Inspired by the pop superstar’s recent exploits, order a Britney special and get treated to a […]

The Irish Examiner/Breaking have begun to incorporate video into their news reports. So far I am only aware of video being included in their sports coverage. In their report on the announcement of the Opel Gaelic Players Team of the Year for Hurling, Paul Collins of Today FM and Ballywire Media, interviews Donal O’Grady […]

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