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Perez Hilton points out a sly product placement ploy that Lindsey Lohan participated in. Hilton links to a Sydney Morning Herald that reports: The troubled Hollywood starlet Lindsay Lohan is the last person you would expect to be on the receiving end of a little Aussie ingenuity but not everyone has friends like the Australian […]

Must Read

David Byrne from Talking Heads discusses the future of the music industry in Wired. It’s a must read, if alone for the fact that artists make less money from iTunes han they do from the traditional route of selling CDs.

I just happened to be surfing the net and checking out the latest soccer news on Sky Sports when I happen to notice a banner ad on the webpage. See below (if the ad isn’t visible please visit to view it): As far as I am aware, this is part of the new drug […]

There has been some debate about the merits of the $100 Laptop/One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project. In one of his recent commentaries, Bill Thompson chides John Dvorak for “dismissing the laptop as a ‘little green computer’ that changes nothing, and arguing that sending food aid to Africa is a better way to solve the […]

John Mims at Altryianview points out a post by the Bad Pitch Blog that claims that “Google has advised Business Wire that media release headlines that are longer than 22 words will be ignored by the search engine‚Äôs spiders.” While that might have some people doing a quick word count on headlines in their press […]

The Irish Times reports (subscription required) on Fianna Fail backbencher Barry Andrews’ suggestion to send sports stars as ambassadors to schools as a means of promoting road safety. It is an interesting tactic to suggest given that it stands in stark contrast to the Road Safety Authority’s current strategy of producing hard hitting adverts. Commenting […]

The cost of free music

Radiohead are coming in for some criticism from music fans in Ireland because of the cost of tickets for their upcoming concert. Priced at seventy euro with a ‘small’ booking fee, fans feel that they are being ripped off. Honestly I’m left scratching my head at why people are annoyed. When Radiohead decided to make […]

The Dangerous Ground project is an anti-landmine campaign. To raise awareness of the project the organisation filmed a viral video to see whether they could go around 50,000m of London without touching the ground. Watch the impressive results below. Technorati Tags: Piaras Kelly, PR, Public Relations, YouTube

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