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Couple of other Irish PR bloggers…

Eoin Kennedy from Slattery Communications is now also blogging. Have a read here. His former colleague, Keith Morrison (now with Edelman Korea) is also posting on a group blog here.

Sydney FC street activity

Sydney FC came up with an interesting way to engage with fans on the street recently. Here’s a video of one of their street performance’s in action: You could see this working well on Grafton Street where a number of street performers have a similar routine. Technorati Tags: Piaras Kelly, PR, Public Relations

There has been a bit of debate about the recent reports about the decline in Facebook users. Critics argue that the decline is a sign of social networking fatigue. Supporters argue that it was inevitable as it would have been impossible for Facebook to maintain its rapid growth. My opinion is that it doesn’t matter. […]

Making It Personal For Consumers

One of the marketing trends starting to come to the fore is personalisation. Siemens have offer some interesting insights on their R&D website. Here is a key snippet: Experts expect an enhanced customer loyalty through personalizable products and, hence, a competitive edge for the relevant providers. The personalization of a product can be carried out […]

Stuff That Caught My Attention

Couple of things that have caught my attention recently. I think this Statoil ad is fantastic. For me it’s a good example of video content which can be used on different mediums, whether it’s on TV or on YouTube. What I presume is Declan Gillick’s entry into the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival short film […]

Thoughts from Hamburg

I spent a couple of days this week in Hamburg at a European Edelman Digital meetup, getting to hear about interesting campaigns my colleagues are running in different parts of the world and sharing insights. It got me thinking a bit and here’s what’s popped out of my head in no particular order: Differences between […]

Yesterday evening an online news story caught my attention. The article concerned Fine Gael’s response to news which had emerged earlier in the day that the party leader, Enda Kenny, had met partners of businessman Norman Turner in 1995. Norman Turner is a significant person in Irish media and political circles at the moment after […]

Do/Read/Watch/Listen – February

Do – Go to the Lightwave exhibition in the newly opened Science Gallery in Trinity college. The exhibition features work by Willie Williams, best known for his concert production work with U2, an outdoor Pong game and Light Tracer, an interactive system that uses a variety of light sources to allow you to create images […]

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