Stuff That Caught My Attention

Couple of things that have caught my attention recently.

I think this Statoil ad is fantastic. For me it’s a good example of video content which can be used on different mediums, whether it’s on TV or on YouTube.

What I presume is Declan Gillick’s entry into the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival short film competition is hilarious. It also highlights how Jameson could extend the reach of the entries by creating a page on YouTube as part of their sponsorship. However, the challenge for YouTube in the future will be how to attract brands, who don’t want ads for rivals’ products beside their content.

My favourite campaign at the minute is ‘Mr Tayto is looking for Love‘ the followup to the guerilla activity the brand conducted around the Irish general election last year. I don’t know who is behind the campaign, but they have reinvigorated what once might have been viewed as a staid Irish brand. What’s particularly impressive is that it is a true through the line campaign, with consistent communication whether it’s through advertising, PR, online or below the line activity. It’s not often that you’ll see agencies work in harmony together.

Finally, here is a truly inspired marketing initiative in order to sell houses. Springwise points out a new project by California eco-urban design firm LJ Urban which “aims to make giving more concrete—quite literally—by matching its sales of homes domestically with funds to build homes in the impoverished African nation of Burkina Faso…the Good project was inspired by Toms Shoes, a project that donates a pair of shoes for every one it sells.” Highly reminiscent of the Niall Mellon Township Trust, it certainly brings new meaning to the phrase ‘buy one, get one free.’ It also stands in stark contrast to some efforts by Irish property developers in the current downturn. I had to laugh when one developer was lauded for slashing their prices by approximately 70,000 euro. Hardly marketing rocket science, it’s a simple case of economics – supply and demand.

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  1. 1 Patrick Liddy

    Statoil… best video ever…

    Good stuff

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