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Francois Gossieaux penned some great commentary recently, here’s the best nugget: You brand gets defined by the UI (User Interface) of your company, the interface through which your customers and prospects interact with your company. That interface gets determined by pre-sale activities – i.e., advertising, retail layout, retail personnel attitude, telemarketing, sales people’s knowledge of […]

Marketing comms blogs in Ireland

Paul Dervan recently launched a new Irish marketing blog which is well worth a regular read. I thought I’d pull together a list of Irish marketing comms blogs together to list all the advertisers, marketers, PR people, etc that are blogging in Ireland. If there’s anyone missing, please leave a comment as I can update […]

Brands on Facebook

Damian O’Broin had a short post recently about how non-profits are using Facebook. I decided to have a wander around Facebook to pick out some good examples of how brands are using Facebook to develop and engage communities. I say engage because right now in terms of metrics and social networks I hear marketeers talking […]

Shiny new PRII website

The Public Relations Institute of Ireland has updated its website. No major changes in terms of content, but certainly better laid out in terms of design.

Le Monde have published a diagram of the top social networks as they rank in different parts of the world (hat tip to PSFK). Again it’s interesting to note that social networks aren’t simply about Facebook and MySpace. In Ireland, Bebo still rules the roost and as some of my colleagues in different Edelman offices […]

It had to happen…

The group freeze phenomenon made its way over to Ireland. What started out as a stunt in the States when over 200 people froze in place on cue in Grand Central Station in New York, has gone on to be replicated in Trafalgar Square in London and now Grafton Street in Dublin. All the videos […]

Clever business idea

I just read about Emotibles on the Cool Hunter. They have a line of accessories to spruce up iPod earphones. It’s a fairly simple concept – flexible rubber charms grip onto your iPod earphones. In the age of personlisation, it’s a clever way to differentiate yourself from the millions of “regular” iPod owners (or uSheep […]

A Sunday Times article about RTE being “forced to broadcast more ‘public service content’ during primetime viewing hours” generated lots of coverage yesterday. Eamon Ryan TD, Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, wants the state broadcaster to invest less of its annual budget in shows like Eastenders and Desperate Housewives. RTE will have to […]

Do/Read/Watch/Listen – March

Do – St. Patrick’s Day Festival is coming up. What better way to celebrate than the Ceili Mor at Earlsfort Terrace. Click onto the St. Patrick’s Day Festival for a list of all the events planned for the festival. Read – State, a new monthly music magazine, hits newstands on Thursday. It remains to be […]

The BBC reported last week that the “use of material taken from personal profiles on social networks by newspapers is to be the subject of a major consultation undertaken by industry watchdog the Press Complaints Commission (PCC)” in the United Kingdom. I wonder if this is something the Irish Press Council will address also. I’ve […]

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