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I couldn’t help but laugh when reading one of Martin Samuel’s latest commentaries. Here are the main highlights: The schools are the worst. In business, I can almost understand it. At work, you might be confronted by a person from a different generation, or a different culture, and it is important to maintain an appearance […]

Present Like Steve Jobs

Anyone that wants to brush up on their presentations skills should give this BNET Video – Present Like Steve Jobs – a watch (via Mitch Joel.)

I went to the Institute of European Affairs‘ Young Professionals Network on Monday night. It’s a surprisingly good networking event with people from a variety of backgrounds in attendance. RTE Prime Time presenter Mark Little was at the event to speak about his career as a journalist and a variety of topics such as US […]

Interview Skills

I was recently doing some research on examples of interviews that went every well…and very bad. Two of which I thought would be worth sharing. Let’s start with the good. Bill Clinton versus Fox News. Despite walking into an interview with an obvious bias, Bill completely flips the tables on the interviewer Christopher Wallace, who […]

The funniest thing I hear back when I’m talking to people about Guitar Hero or Rock Band is “So after playing the game are you actually able to play the guitar?” Good question, but the answer is unfortunately no. Something which the makers of South Park gleefully exploit in a recent episode. The interesting thing […]

Paul Dervan has an interesting post about Southwest Airlines use of Twitter. For those unfamiliar with Twitter, it’s a bit of a mix between an Internet forum and Instant Messaging (watch this video for a better example.) Paul, the interested marketeer, points out that: Southwest have 1,212 followers (like me) on twitter. While I’ve never […]

Driving A Car With Your Feet

The Irish Times is gradually adopting audio reports into its website. For example, on a recent breaking news story (the free section of the Times’ website) David Duffy of the ESRI discuss its Medium-Term Review. This is interesting because it is a move towards rich content, but most commentators until now would have seen an […]

The Lisbon Treaty

Judging from the latest Sunday Business Post/Red C tracking poll, it’s all to play for when it comes to calling which way the pendulum will swing when Ireland goes to the polls to vote on the Lisbon Treaty. You’ve got to give it to the anti treaty campaigners for their communications efforts. Despite what some […]

Another couple of things that caught my attention that I feel are worth highlighting. First of which is KMPG’s ‘That’ll Never Work…’, a book about twelve Irish entrepreneurs. From a PR perspective this is a great example of a company putting its money where its mouth is and taking ownership of a space. As Minister […]

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