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I love seeing organisations leverage their presence at music festivals and similar events in interesting ways. Thought I would highlight Orange’s efforts at Glastonbury this year (hattip to Gizmodo), which I think is quite innovative and also leverages the green theme. Basically Orange have commissioned Gotwind to develop an environmentally friendly mobile phone charger. The […]

I had to give a talk to a bunch of US university students last week. Towards the end of the presentation I was giving them I pointed out that they all have tremendous opportunities when they graduate, primarily because they are the MySpace generation. The year that’s in it with the US elections and Barack […]

Here’s an observation I want to throw out there. Myself and my peers are increasingly getting invites to events through our Facebook page from two Irish PR agencies. Creating an event page for an event that you’re running is a no brainer if it’s a free for all and to be honest more organisations should […]

Relationships & Reciprocity

DoshDosh points out some interesting research on people’s relationships and technology: According to a recent study of 2 million people and 8 million phone calls over one year, researchers discovered that the cause of persistent relationships is reciprocity – returning a friend’s call. The more often you call each other, the longer your relationship. The […]

So the Irish public has voted and they have responded with an emphatic no. I voted yes, but wasn’t surprised at the result. Listening to the analysis on the Pat Kenny Show on RTE, I think people were genuinely shocked. While everyone had commented that there was a strong No Campaign, there seemed to be […]

Todd Deffren’s SWOT analysis for the PR industry makes for interesting reading. The first thing which pops off the page for me is: “the single biggest weakness of PR in the Social Media age is related to scale. As I noted back in June 2006, ‘[How can] PR practitioners possibly find the time & energy […]

The Hive Calls The Shots

Really interesting story in the Times in the UK last week about the Japanese Air Self Defence Force abandoning plans to send military aircraft to help earthquake relief efforts in China. The article purports that the request for aid originally came from China, but due to the backlash of Chinese Internet users over the perceived […]

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