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Handvertising Hits Dublin

Nice to see something I read about on a trendwatch website a while back has hit Irish shores – handvertising. Irish Handstamps basically puts your brand or message onto the wrists of clubgoers across Dublin. Karl McCarthy and Russell Altman, the pair behind the company, have signed up 30 clubs and counting thus far and […]

So you’re a sports clothing manufacturer that primarily targets fans of mixed martial arts, boxing, etc. In order to appeal to consumers, what do you do? Take out advertising or sponsor fighters perhaps? Or you could take a leaf out of the book of Affliction Clothing, who decided to become a mixed martial arts promoter […]

It’s Not You, It’s Me

I cancelled my account the other day. Simple decision to make really, I’ve a backlog of DVDs to get through so paying EURO12.99 per month for a service I didn’t use hardly made sense. Nothing against, they had lots of films I wanted to see but I don’t have time for them at […]

I was fortunate enough to attend a briefing by Triona Campbell of Campbell Ryan Productions, the company behind the online soap opera Sofia’s Diary. The briefing is available on the IIEA website and please find it below on YouTube. Couple of interesting points: Sofia’s diary is in profit before it begins production thanks to sponsorship […]

While the recession dominates headlines in Ireland at the moment and most of the attention about the Lisbon Treaty focuses on whether it will be ratified by Poland or the Czech Republic, ultimately saving face for Ireland, there has been a steady undercurrent of activity by parties involved in the No Campaign. The No decision […]

Mark Nagurski has a good post on Really Practical Marketing on why people hate networking. Six reasons why people hate networking include: It’ll be full of people trying to sell me things I don’t want to stand there and try to sell to other people either I’m just a startup business I won’t fit in […]

Why is it that viral marketing reminds me so much of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic tale? It seems everyone out there wants whatever they’re flogging to go viral. Interesting feedback from Ben Ayers on his Twitter profile about brands on social networks that “of the 122 major branded pages in Europe, half had less than […]

Ajax, a Dutch soccer club, had the best jersey launch I’ve ever seen. To announce their new shirt sponsor Aegon, they held a mass shirt swap in Amsterdam, where the club are based. Clever way to generate talkability around the shirt launch and made for a good video on YouTube (via ViralBlog.) Great presentation from […]

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