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Ever Heard Of myYearbook?

The Sunday Times had a feature on myYearbook the other weekend. The website is the latest in a long lineup of social networking phenomenons. The reason why the website is important to flag is that there are a host of social networking sites that some people probably haven’t even heard of that the next generation […]

One of the popular recommendations when it comes to use of digital channels is all about reaching out to your customer. By and large though I think that it’s a load of BS. Let’s face it most customer service complaints stem from guess what…poor customer service. A number of companies in the UK that outsourced […]

Gosh Darn Aren’t Kids Cute

Clever trend that I thought worth highlighting on YouTube is using kids to parody movies. I first picked up on it when I spotted a couple of videos of children explaining what happens in movies. Here’s an example of a three year old explaining Star Wars. Even funnier though is this version of the Dark […]

iPhone, Apps And The Mobile Web

Despite some of my recent Apple rants about the dangers of product myopia, I recently bought a 3G iPhone and have been hooked since. What I have been amazed by is that I find myself using my mobile phone more, whether it is for calls or texts, browsing the web or simply passing the time. […]

The Internet is a fantastic medium for bringing together audiences. Some organisations are now successfully leveraging online communities to build awareness, most notably Hollywood studios. For example, every year Comic Con is used as the launched pad for the following year’s superhero blockbuster. This year the event was used to start the hype about X-Men […]

Fianna Fail came under criticism last week for their perceived lack of advertising spend during the Lisbon Treaty referendum. I think the criticism is unduly harsh, not because of their lack of spend but because additional money would have been wasted. The poor advertising creative behind their campaign, and the Yes Campaign in general, would […]

PR Tips For Tech SMEs

Damien Mulley is going to be running a PR course for technology startups this week. John Collins, technology correspondent from the Irish Times, is scheduled to talk to the participants for an hour as part of the course. Here’s some tips I thought might be of use for tech SMEs: Take A Deep Breath – […]

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