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Apparently RTE’s advertising revenues have taken a steep drop, with the State broadcaster set to finish the year well below budget. The Irish Independent reports that revenues could be down as much as €24 million. On a slightly more positive note though, the JNIR has revealed that is the most popular media website in […]

Well Duh!

So it was finally revealed that a lack of information was the primary reason why the Lisbon Treaty was voted down. Hardly insightful, given that even the dogs on the street could tell the electorate barely had a bog’s notion what they were voting for. However this type of analysis undermines how good a job […]

Degeeking The Tech Industry

I was distracted by a picture of a HP Mini-Note while reading John Naughton’s blog recently. While I wouldn’t exactly be drooling at the rather colourful design, it is a sign that competing on price isn’t enough to set you apart from the competition as it is a short term tactic that is replicable by […]

A Good Cause

The Irish Association for Emergency Medicine (IAEM) has urged people to keep the name and telephone number of their next-of-kin on their mobile phone under the heading ICE (In Case of Emergency). The system, conceived in the UK, is now in use in a number of countries. The IAEM said all of its members have […]

Happiness As A Business Model

On a recent post when commenting on organisations’ efforts on creating content for YouTube, I said that brands that wanted to be funny should start with happiness as their business model. John from KRO//Software rightly asks how does one make happiness their business model, given that it comes across as fluffy PR talk in my […]

Silicon Republic reports that “Google is understood to be planning major changes in how it delivers advertising, including alterations to its AdWords system, and also developing mobile ads customised to location and preference.” Despite reports that they are leaving in their droves, Fakt, Poland’s biggest selling newspaper, has launched a weekly edition for Polish immigrants […]

Rock n Roll n Recycle

Kathy Foley had an interesting column in the Sunday Times the other weekend about the Electric Picnic and the efforts of the organisers to put on “one of the most impressive environmental showcases ever assembled in Ireland”. Foley points out that “not only does the Picnic boast recycling bins, eco-friendly loos, reusable beer cups and […]

Every September for the last two years I have read about a story which illustrates the dangers of search in terms of a research tool for journalists and how search results influence the public’s perceptions about an organisation. 2008 is no different. The Guardian recently reported about how “shares in a US airline fell sharply […]

Having failed to knock Hot Press off its perch, State magazine has changed its business model and will now be distributed for free. Una Mullally gives her two cents on the story. Personally I think it’s a smart move – there’s a gap in the market for a quality lifestyle magazine after Mongrel decided to […]

Interesting piece in the Guardian last week about the communications strategies employed by both camps in the US Presidential election. The race is a bit like the ‘top down’ versus ‘bottom up’ schools of thought at battle in the communications world, or as the Guardian describes it as the news cycle election versus the field […]

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