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Change Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Interesting article in the Economist about the Paperless Office. The decade old prediction gradually looks like it is coming true. The reason for this is primarily due to the wave of digital natives coming through the workforce. The article points out that Breedlove & Associates’s clients and employees are turning away from paper: The clients […]

Cheese! You’re on Facebook

I spotted a very interesting statistic on PSFK – Facebook now ranks as the top photo sharing website in the world. PSFK’s analysis of why Facebook has overtaken traditional photo sharing websites is very insightful: Perhaps it’s because people want to do more with their photos then just store and share them online…When users upload […]

It Makes You Wonder

Another footballer biography and more controversy. This time the ball is at the feet of Didier Drogba, the Chelsea striker. His biography is being investigated by the Football Association over claims that Drogba “wished he had punched Nemanja Vidic, the Manchester United defender, in last season’s Champions League final” according to an article in the […]

It’s Just A Popularity Contest

I read on PFSK that “Google has a patent pending on a technology it says will rank the most influential people on social networking sites.” According to the BusinessWeek article, which PFSK quotes: The new technology could track not just how many friends you have on Facebook but how many friends your friends have. Well-connected […]

Funny Because It’s True

This Bud Light ad highlights the reason why I will never have a garden. Kudos for using the Airwolf theme song.

I read with interest on the BBC about a plan being considered by the British Government to use mobile phones in a bid to combat Taleban propaganda. The BBC reports that: The programme involves using new media like mobile phones and the internet to empower ordinary Afghans to contradict the prevailing Taleban message. Non-governmental organisations […]

Science Week Lecture Series

Shameless plug, but Science Week is almost upon us again. This year it runs from 9 – 16 November. On behalf of my client Discover Science & Engineering, I am organising a lecture series which is free to the public. This year the lectures take place in the Science Gallery and feature a number of […]

Stuff That Caught My Attention #5

The IPA is running a day seminar on Citizen Participation in the Wiki and Facebook Era on the 24 October. One of the initiatives being discussed at the event is the ‘Your Mental Health’ campaign which has an interesting Bebo profile, where young people can leave anonymous feedback. Another event worth attending is the National […]

The inaugural Irish Web Awards took place at the weekend. There were some media sites among the winners including the Irish Times which won the best online publication award, Silicon Republic was awarded best technology website, and Phantom FM which was named as best radio website. The Irish Independent reports that RTE will ask its […]

Blog Hacked

Couple of readers have pointed out to me that the RSS feed of this blog has been hacked so some of you are receiving spam. Apologies about this, looking into sourcing someone into updating my blog. If you’d like to offer your services please leave a comment 🙂

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