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Paul Dervan recently pondered whether advertising is enough to build a brand anymore. It’s an interesting question and one I love to answer from a PR perspective. Unlike some of my peers I believe that advertising has an important role in brand building. Simply relying on public relations cannot communicate your brand values. Such a […]

The Difference A Word Makes

I was discussing the US election with an American last week and pointing out John McCain’s conduct in some online videos as a means of highlighting that his campaign wasn’t representative of him as a person. I highlighted the following video clip but got an interesting rebuke. During the clip a voter says that she […]

I happened to be in the TV3 studios last Thursday bringing a guest onto their new chat show Midday. Terry Prone of the Communications Clinic was another panelist on the show promoting her new book. One of the topics for discussion was the Government’s decision to rescind on its decision to introduce a cervical cancer […]

I have been pouring over statistics associated with Barack Obama’s US presidential campaign. The most comprehensive breakdown I have seen was compiled by Pete Quily. A wave of excitement has broken out across the Internet and short-sighted analysis seems to imply that Obama won the election because he had a larger and more consistent use […]

Given the week that is in it, some people might find this headline strange. In my opinion Obama is phenomenon, but not something that we will see repeated on these shores. From a local perspective there has been a heralded return to street politics after the mass protests in reaction to the government budget. While […]

Big furore here in Ireland over the recently announced budget. Its aftermath has seen government rowbacks on cutbacks on medical cards to the old age pensioners and a 1% tax levy which would also have affected the most vulnerable in society. Government cutbacks in education have also faced massive opposition, with 12,000 people turning out […]

The strength of regional media was underlined at a political meeting I attended last week. The politicians present lamented the fact that their regional counterparts had much more opportunity to engage their constituencies via the media. Rural TDs benefit from the fact that regional media, particularly radio, are far more powerful in their locality than […]

The Knowledge Pool

I was playing around with Slattery Communications‘ Facebook widget/application a couple of weeks ago and it got me thinking. Get Creative is a brainstorming tool where users can input ideas into a database or search it for inspiration. Clicking into the database you can see that Slattery staff are mining ideas and good work that […]

What Is The Future Of News?

One of Steve Rubel’s recent blog posts caught my attention. Rubel states that he believes that the future of news is the newsfeed. The newsfeed, for those unfamiliar with the concept, is similar to a scrolling news ticker listening off headlines during the course of the day. It’s a similar concept to RSS whereby the […]

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